IT services firm wins efficiency with Appointment Scheduling Software

IT services firm wins efficiency with Appointment Scheduling Software

Most salespeople are confident that when they get on a call or in a meeting, they can shine. The main challenge in their work seems to come in coordinating appointments, timing calls for their clients, and never missing an opportunity to evangelize the products and services their businesses offer. If you’re working for an IT services company like Handy Networks LLC of Denver, Colorado – a firm with 20 employees and 600 clients conducting nearly 5000 services in areas like dedicated web serving, colocation and cybersecurity – you need a scheduling software that adds flexibility and productivity to your daily business-to-business operations. With clients mainly in IT, E-commerce and across the private sector, you also need something that cuts down on wasted time, so you can focus on meeting the demands of the high-performance industries you serve.



A Great Way to Manage Sales Meetings


In looking to improve his work, Matt Sudowski, Executive Vice-President of Sales at Handy Networks LLC, knew that Online Scheduling represented an opportunity to save time and improve the quality of his daily appointments, so he used Agendize to establish a simple process for him to accomplish those goals. Now, scheduling is a simple process for him: when a client wants to book him for a sales call, he shares a link to his custom scheduling landing page in his email. They can choose what type of service they want to discuss and then a date & time, all based on real-time availabilities made possibly with the scheduling tool’s synchronization to Matt’s personal online calendar.


Matt Sudowski, Executive Vice-President of Sales at Handy Networks LLC

Matt Sudowski, Executive Vice-President of Sales at Handy Networks LLC

After deciding the details of their appointment, Matt’s clients confirm the booking with their contact info. The appointment and all its details are then shared to Zoho, his third-party CRM of choice. “Appointment scheduling software allows my clients to select the different products and services they might want to discuss on a sales call, and with all that information stored in my existing CRM, the quality of every call improves,” Matt says enthusiastically, empowered by online appointment scheduling’s seamless integration. “I’m always fully prepared to speak on what they need, while automated notifications and reminders ensure they’re also 100% focused on the call at hand. Those automated reminders also save me valuable time, since I’m no longer stuck reminding clients myself about calls the night before they’re supposed to happen!”



Outstanding Time-Savings


Time-saving is one of the outstanding benefits of Matt’s new appointment scheduling solution, and an ever-critical benefit of scheduling software in the competitive B2B sales arena. “I used to spend 3 hours every week just going back and forth on emails for appointments, in addition to the reminders I would send my clients,” adds Matt. However, it’s not only his time that he’s saved, but also that of his clients: “The real-time availabilities offered in the scheduling widget mean my clients don’t have to waste their time comparing schedules with me.” Furthermore when they book I’m instantly updated through the 2-way calendar synchronization. “That feature is particularly useful because it means my existing appointments don’t show me as available to my clients, so I know I’m never double-booked!”


With stark productivity benefit foremost in his mind, Matt also says that the solution gives him new capabilities in what he can accomplish in his responsibilities as an executive. “We’re planning to not only roll Online Scheduling out to the rest of our sales force, but also use it as the centerpiece of an email and webinar marketing campaign.”



Integrations built for B2B Excellence


On top of the benefits Online Scheduling typically boasts, Matt found that his choice stood out because most solutions fail to have the flexibility and precision that work like he requires. Most solutions are designed almost exclusively for storefronts, without easy integrations to existing cloud and enterprise software – but that’s where Matt’s choice is different.


“One thing that drew me to this appointment scheduling was its easy integration with Zoho,” says Matt, as interested in the nuances of productivity software as in the IT services he sells. “Few scheduling solutions integrate efficiently with external CRMs, but now I rarely have to “copy/paste” a thing when preparing or evaluating my sales calls.”



Empowering Sales Professionals


With a simple technical tool Matt has enhanced both the efficiency of his own work and his business’ capacity to capitalize on the leads it generates, ultimately helping to reorganize his sales force for more growth. What’s more, as Matt further incorporates Online Scheduling, Agendize’s support team is there every step of the way to help him sort out issues promptly. “On the few occasions I’ve needed support, they’ve always picked up the phone promptly and solved the problem.”
The effective time-saving of the solution, combined with the robust continuity it permits with Matt and Handy Networks LLC’s existing software, has given them plenty more reason to be happy with their choice. When prompted about what feeling he has going forward with his new appointment scheduling solution, Matt has plenty to say: “Since I’ve started using Online Scheduling, it’s been a night-and-day transition, not only in terms of how much my scheduling process has improved, but also how much more I can accomplish for our clients. With this appointment scheduling software, new business is never out of reach!”


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