Interview: Online Scheduling app for Smartwatch

Interview: Online Scheduling app for Smartwatch

BIA Kelsey interviews Agendize about Online Scheduling SmartWatch app.

During the “SMB Digital Marketing” conference, BIA Kelsey Research Director Steve Marshall interviewed Agendize President & COO Alf Poor, covering the release and benefits of the Online Scheduling app for Smartwatch.

Just when LG, Samsung and Apple unveil their SmartWatches. Agendize releases an Online Scheduling app for Smartwatch that is now available on GooglePlay for Android. Coming on the Apple Watch in 2015. 

“This app is of particular interest and value to the service industry, or even anybody who is in a time-based business,” points out Steve Marshall. “Particularly for service providers who don’t get a lot of time during the day, like dentist or lawyers, who continuously move from appointment to appointment,” continues Alf Poor. “The ability for them to have a fluid experience is key”.

The application allows users to receive notifications and reminders, as well as perform smart actions in a few touches, like reviewing and accepting appointments. “What we’re doing for SMBs is providing them the ability to interact and manage their business, with a high level of discretion,” explains Alf Poor. “It’s a very strong productivity tool. And it’s a very simple to use tool.”


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