Promote Sales Online with a Small Business CRM (Part I)

Promote Sales Online with a Small Business CRM (Part I)

Small Businesses are built on their ability to provide personalized goods and services for their customers, to a quality and distinction that large chains and retailers simply aren’t able to recreate. The excellence and professionalism of Small Businesses is the basis of their strong relationships with loyal customers, but too many businesses go without the right tools to strengthen the existing relationships they have in their community. This is a shame, because the right digital tools DO exist for small businesses to generate new revenue and get the most out of their existing clientele, so that businesses can grow to serve all their clients better.


All it takes is a little bit of time and attention to get used to the right technology, and to promote your discounts and sales online, implementing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is the best way to start. By setting up the right CRM, small businesses can keep a continually updated history on all their clients, understand their means and preferences, and then use that information as a marketing opportunity through the promotion of sales and discounts. From there, you can start enticing window shoppers and grow your business with consumers who may have expressed interest in your products or services, but haven’t yet found an offer that encourages them to buy.


As always, it’s up to the human touch to get the most out of a technology like CRM, but when there’s evidence that it can improve revenue per sales rep by up to 41%, every business owes this kind of capability at least a cursory look. In a world where generating more sales often comes down to a mix of persistence and the right strategy, promoting discounts through a CRM can prove integral to growing a business. These are practices that large corporations have been implementing for decades now, but the technology is available today to put this power in the hands of businesses of any size. To stay competitive, small businesses in particular need to take to the trend and start adopting early.
That’s why, in the coming weeks, we’ll be blogging on how to promote sales and discounts for small business. Our focus is online because that’s where small businesses tend to lag behind – and where the greatest opportunity is. In these posts you’ll learn the advantages of using a CRM in curating a client list, as well as how to use automation in your messages to customers, use discount promotion to retain customers, use your CRM to promote to new customers and not only retain the personal touch consumers love from local businesses, but enhance it and multiply its effect through appropriate automation. Stay tuned!

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