How to Increase Conversions During the Online Shopping Season

How to Increase Conversions During the Online Shopping Season

Decorate Your Website with Live Chat

This time of year is all about offering amazing customer service on and offline. Retailers around the world welcome the holidays with in-store discounts and seasonal sales clerks to ring up the holiday cheer. Do you ever wonder how many customers visit your physical store vs. your website?

In-store experience should never be ignored when it comes to e-Commerce. Many people visit a retailer’s website because they had a great in-store experience, so it’s important to maintain that good reputation online. Keep your customers happy so they check off their wish lists at your store and nowhere else.

One in five shoppers plan to buy more of their gifts online this year than last year, when shoppers said they would do 44% of their overall holiday gift buying online according to a new survey by MarketLive.

Therefore, equipping your website with the best customer service and conversion tools is more than necessary. Decorating your website is not only about stylish graphics and flashy promotions. Web conversion tools like Live Chat are proven to spice up sales and conversions by 25% and more any time of the year. Agendize Live Chat offers the type of personalized customer service and shopping experience that will bring customers back again and again.

No one wants to spend too much time searching for the perfect gift. Online shoppers expect a quick and easy experience. Agendize Live Chat opens the doors for agents and customers to interact one on one. By asking the right questions, your team can make better suggestions and sell more. Agendize’s proactive chat feature allows businesses to automatically approach new or returning visitors with a personalized greeting or question.

What are you waiting for? Start decorating your website with multiple conversion tools so you can be ahead of the game this year.

Happy Holidays!

Nancy E.

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