How to Get More Customers with New Online Scheduling Email Marketing feature

How to Get More Customers with New Online Scheduling Email Marketing feature

Dear local businesses. If you read this – you may probably be a hair salon, a barbershop, a doctor, a dentist, a plumber, a real-estate contractor or anyone whose activity relies on appointments and reservations. I already wrote several articles on what are the benefits of an online scheduling solution but today we’re implementing a new feature that will help you promote your business to your customers. And the feature is: email marketing!


What are the benefits of getting Email Marketing, Online Scheduling and CRM together?

With email marketing functionality integrated to Agendize Online Scheduling and CRM solution, you can now send specific promotions to targeted customers. Here are some examples of different use cases in which you’d probably love to have email marketing do the job for you.

  • Some customers didn’t show up since a while? You can offer special discounts to get them back onboard. #RETENTION
  • On customers’ birthday, offer them a special gift if they book an appointment with you the same month. #COOLOFFERS
  • On some special days like Mother’s day or Christmas, send promoted emails to thank your customers. They’d love to hear that from you. #SPECIALOFFERS
  • You have a new product or service you want them to try? Communicate it to your clients with a call-to-action button such as an online booking. #NEW
  • You can also send email for greetings with now specific discounts. Just to keep a good relationship with your customers. #CUSTOMERRELATIONSHIPMANAGEMENT


How does email marketing work with Agendize Online Scheduling solution?

The new email marketing feature is completely integrated with Agendize Online Scheduling and CRM system.

There are 2 ways of sending promotional emails to your clients:

  • Email your whole customers database
    • Go to “clients” tab
    • On the left, select “compose email”
    • You can then chose a subject for the emailing campaign and customize the content.
    • Then click on send
  • Email a manually selected list of customers
    • Go to “clients” tab
    • In the search bar, filter your clients by email, phone or tags.
    • Select them and click on “send message”
    • Customize the email and click on send.

Once the email campaign has been sent, you’ll be able to access a report. You’d be allowed to track how many emails were sent, how many were opened but also how many were clicked. If you’d like to go through all you sent messages, it’s now possible as you have a history that tracks it all. If someone doesn’t want to receive promotions, you’ll be also able to see it. I hope you’ll enjoy the experience!

If you don’t already have an Agendize account, let’s start now and get a free month online scheduling trial.

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Raphaël ISCAR

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