How One Electronics Franchise Engages Customers In-Store and Out with Agendize

How One Electronics Franchise Engages Customers In-Store and Out with Agendize

The Challenge

Large Enterprises never stay large long without thinking far ahead on how to define their customer experience and consistently bring their latest offerings to market. With that in mind, one of Canada’s largest Telecom and Electronics providers approached Agendize with a problem: How would they fundamentally redefine the in-store access
and experience their customers get in order to maximize their revenue per visit?

The Client Decides

With the goal of getting more per customer in place, improved service responsiveness and organization seemed to be the only solution. Thus, Agendize first implemented Online Scheduling for this Electronics pro-vider’s “Pro” consultation services across its 30 corporate locations. From there, Agendize also built an innovative Queuing Management system that allowed customers to check in and see their place in line on screens around the store, reducing wait anxiety and opening up their stores and products to more exploration and discovery.

Adding Revenue to Every Visit

Over 2000 “Pro” service consultations per month across 30 in-store locations help convert clients to high end cable, internet and telephone combo packages, including device purchases and high upfront cash fees with long lifetime value

• In 3 months, Digital Queuing deployed across 30 location went from collecting information on a maximum of 600 customer visits to up to 2500 customer visits per month, optimizing location performance while also opening gateways for longer-lasting relationships with customers

• High adoption rates for both Scheduling and Queuing systems in-dicate customer response was enthusiastic, thus saving time, staff and enterprise resources on coordinating appointments and managing in-store experience.

A telecommunications giant since 1964, this electronics franchiser was among the first to adopt interactive television, digital cable, high-definition television and ultra-high-speed internet in North America, while
also maintaining consistent dedication to their customer experience.

Premier Support
Agendize didn’t just deploy it and forget it, dedicated project managers visited in-store locations whenever there were bugs and problems and iterated its customer engagement technology to suit the needs of a valued franchise clients. Our dedication to customer success knows no bounds, and with flexible implementation through APIs combines with meaningful, real-world support, there’s no limit to how you can engage your customers.

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