How Gym scheduling software transforms your client’s experience

How Gym scheduling software transforms your client’s experience

Today, most of gyms and fitness centres provide personal or group training programs, but you know how difficult it is to attract enough people to your training classes and make the most of your investment in a certified personal trainer! Additionally, keeping your trainers’ schedules up-to-date becomes a lengthy administrative task that prevents you from focusing more time on your relationships with your clients, providing them with the right advice and building a positive atmosphere in your gym.


According to the Australian and New Zealand fitness industry 2013 survey, 28% of clients choose a personal trainer based on their availability. But, how many of those potential clients  fail to follow through on their interest because it requires calling the personal trainer or fitness centre directly to get latest updates on programs and availabilities? With more and more people comparing fitness centres and programs on the internet, having the right tools to maximize your online experience and make sure they’ll choose your gym over another is key. Offering a best-of-breed gym scheduling software could be the beginning of that process. Check out this demo website for more on how gyms and fitness centers can engage their clients with Online Scheduling!


Fitness centres’ online experience matters

When choosing a gym, location is a priority that potential clients are quick to evaluate. Through Google Search or Maps, they’ll be looking for a gym near their home or workplace to lower the impact distance can have on their motivation to work out. The first interaction they’ll have with your gym will be online, on your website or Facebook page. There, they’ll check your different training programs, facilities, photos, equipment, trainers’ profiles, prices and opening hours. But, to add value to that information, does your fitness center website offer leads the ability to book an initial consultation with a manager – not only to go through details about the club, prices, special offers and free trials, but also to pitch different training programs? Too many fitness centers today fail to enhance their online customer experience in a way that converts more customers and allow them to seamlessly book their trainers. As of 2015, The International Health, Racquet and Sports Club Association (IHRSA) estimates that annual gym attrition rates hover between 20 and 25 percent each year. With this in mind, improving the online experience of your fitness center could not only be the first step to converting new clients online, but also keeping your existing clientele from leaving your club.


Jarrod Saracco, a fitness industry consultant with 20 years of experience in the field, says “The experience makes or breaks whether a gym keeps you as a member.” Today, that experience starts online.


Letting your clients schedule gym consultations and training programs online!

Today, with a gym scheduling software integrated on a website or Facebook page, clients can directly choose to book your fitness services online, whether it be a introductory consultation, a yoga class, weight trainings, crossfit classes or more. It makes it easier, faster and funnier to book an appointment than . Once clients decide they’re ready to book, they click a booking button, choose the service they want and even the staff they want to train with, and then fill out their contact information (full name, email, phone or more custom fields) to confirm it all!

This 3-minute online appointment scheduling process improves your clients’ experience, letting them book your services when they think it’s the right moment. To see for yourself, try an example here! (add the book a fitness class button).


With Gym Scheduling Software, your clients benefit from more than just a great experience:



  • more convenience = more clients in your gym


You’re closed? Your trainers are busy giving advice to your clients? No problem! Potential clients or existing ones can book an appointment with your fitness staff without the need to have someone answering the phone. In a few minutes they finish the booking process and receive an instant custom confirmation. No waits, more convenience and the assurance that they’ll have a real meeting, all with less effort for your business.



  • real-time availabilities that avoid double bookings


Not only can it be embarrassing to call your clients for a cancellation due to a double-booking, but when you have limited space or time-slots this can start to give you a bad reputation that you can’t afford to have. The Real-time availabilities offered by scheduling software creates confidence and makes sure your clients get what they want.



  • Custom reminders keep your clients motivated


Both in the days and hours leading up to a training session, automated reminders can be crucial to keeping clients involved in their workout. Sent through SMS and email, they also maximize the likelihood they show up to each class. These reminders can even include motivating messages or a personalized picture, like one of the trainer your client will work with.  For longtime, hardworking clients, or people who are newcomers to your fitness center, what could be better than a little encouragement from their coach – and something to eliminate their doubt and boost motivation before arrival?


While Gym Scheduling Software can guarantee a positive online experience for your clients, it can also transform the way your gym works!


Optimizing your gym staff’s schedule to concentrate on providing incredible training!

By letting your clients book their first consultations and training sessions online, you no longer waste time managing endless calls back and forth, updating scheduling and notifying your staff. Online Scheduling helps automate these administrative tasks, letting you focus on creating better training programs, attracting new clients by communicating on social media, and more activities that will help your gym prosper – all without losing the personal touch your clients love in your communications and messages!


  • Real-time updated staff schedules


All availabilities can be set up according to staff. You choose your different staffs’ hours, the duration of your different training sessions and whether to display prices during booking! Clients will then only be able to choose dates and times where staff is available. What’s more, your staff can check their daily schedule on a calendar overview from their mobile, tablet and desktop devices, allowing them to be fully prepared and bring energy and enthusiasm to each session!



  • Class bookings


Online Scheduling allows you to provide group classes such as yoga, crossfit, and other type of group trainings, all with a limited number of seats so you don’t have to worry about overbooking.



  • Appointment statuses


For better tracking, you can set a specific status to each of your appointments that will give you an idea of how many of were completed or resulted with a no-show. All no-shows can then easily be called or emailed to setup another appointment or follow-up as to why they failed to show!



  • Staff reminders


If you choose to restrict you staff from the calendar overview, you can still send them automated emails every morning with their schedule for the day, making sure they don’t forget a thing!



  • Staff vacation management


Worried the scheduling solution won’t reflect when your staff leaves for vacations? You can set specific hours for vacation periods so that the booking widget doesn’t display these in its real-time availabilities!



  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


By connecting gym scheduling software to your existing CRM, or by using the one that comes packaged with your scheduling solution, you can better track all your clients interactions by updating their profiles in real time. You can add specific notes with client preferences or favourite training programs and staff, add tags to categorize them as loyal clients, a new client, or a client only interested in a particular training. You can also update their profiles with a picture to better visualize them, and also access their contact information, sending emails, text messages or even calling them directly from the platform.



  • Mobile


With a native gym scheduling mobile app, you can access your schedule anywhere, anytime with a calendar view and client list optimized for mobile, allowing you to get in touch any time you want! Try Agendize Staff know for iOS and Android phones!



  • Analytics


By analyzing your online bookings, you can see what are your most booked classes and staffs. Empowered with that, you can start to incentivize your staff to perform even better! Also, this can give you more information on the performance of your website in getting new clients, while filtering your clients by tags also helps you organize your client and decide how best to invest in improving your gym!



  • Promotional emails


Some gym scheduling softwares can let you send email marketing campaigns to announce a new training program, a new personal trainer or any specific changes to your gym that could interest your clientele!


As a result, gym scheduling software can improve your potential clients’ and members’ online experience by creating a simple and quick way of confirming an appointment from your fitness centre website and Facebook page. However, the biggest change comes in automating your trainers’ schedules, saving time and avoiding no-shows. This allows you to concentrate on improving your clients’ experience by focusing time on providing better service, all while having an incredible online experience brings you more leads and clients!
To help you get even more out of gym scheduling software, we offer a free 30-day trial period for new users, while our experts are happy to schedule a free 30-minute call with you to help set the solution up for your gym, fitness center or health club – if you’re not convinced to try it out, take a look below and see how your website might look with an integrated booking widget!

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