How Appointment Scheduling Software increases efficiency in B2B sector

You’ve probably already experienced it. You wake up in the morning and on the way to work you suddenly open your agenda and realize that you had an appointment with a client in 5 minutes but you’re too far to make it on time… First you call your prospect, try make amends and then find another date for an appointment. The client isn’t available until next month. The deal decision is now delayed and you’re no longer inviting your family to a posh restaurant this month because you won’t earn the commissions you were expecting within the following days .

STOP these misunderstandings and inefficiencies before cost your team and your firm a lot of money! How? Through technology and particularly a  simple solution can be found.


A qualitative 2012 Aberdeen B2B survey highlighted the difference in efficiency between Online Scheduling users and non-users.The results are clear: Appointment Scheduling Software allows sales reps to generate and convert more leads, faster.


The study shows the positive impact of Appointment Scheduling Software on Sales Teams Efficiency evaluated along 4  factors.

Table with metrics on how Appointment Scheduling Software impacts Sales Effectiveness in B2B sector

Impact of Appointment Scheduling on Sales Effectiveness (source: Aberdeen Study)

Online Scheduling B2B users benefits are:

  • Better customer retention (+10%)
  • Bigger deals (+$182k)
  • More opportunities (+ 38.4 proposals / sales rep / year)
  • Shorter sales cycle (- 34% or – 15 days)

The following table explains how Appointment Scheduling is changing the way of working in a B2B environment.

Statistic table that shows the positive impact of Appoint Scheduling Software on Sales behavior

This statistics shows the positive impact of Appoint Scheduling Software on Sales behavior (source: Aberdeen Study)

 Changes in  work habits are:

  • Time savings: Clients can book appointments directly themselves. There is no back-and-forth required to set a meeting.
  • Streamlined workflow: The system automates the appointment process.
  • CRM interface: When taking appointments and filling in their information, customers populate your CRM database for you.

To end on a creative note, this infographic illustrates my conclusion. What do you think about online appointment scheduling software? Your comments are welcomed

Infographic: The impact of appointment scheduling softwares in B2B

Infographic: The impact of appointment scheduling software in B2B

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source: Online Appointment Aberdeen Research
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