How Agendize Scheduling Software Salesforce CRM Connector improves customer service?

How Agendize Scheduling Software Salesforce CRM Connector improves customer service?

With Agendize Scheduling software Salesforce connector, professionals can combine all the benefits of the leader in CRM solutions with a best-in-class and easy-to-use online scheduling software. So when customers book an appointment from a business website or Facebook page via Agendize scheduling widget, all the information is sent to the Salesforce platform. In parallel, it generates an event in Salesforce.


How do the Scheduling Software synchronization with Salesforce CRM work?

First of all, professionals can choose wether they prefer Agendize to send clients information to their “contacts” or “leads” tab in Salesforce. This gives professionals the flexibility to organize the way they want to manage their clients.
When an appointment is booked with Agendize, the solution verifies if the client’s email already exists in the business Salesforce platform. If it does, then it creates an activity and more precisely a calendar event. If not, it also creates a contact or a lead into the salesforce platform with all the information shared by the customer when he filled the contact form – at the end of the booking process.
The activity created can directly be assigned to the Salesforce user matching the Agendize staff member’s email address.
Agendize CRM also synchronizes Salesforce contacts. Thereby, if a client calls to book an appointment, professionals can directly search for the customer’s name into Agendize CRM and Salesforce will send the information to let the business book the appointment manually from the Agendize interface – in minutes.


Why local businesses use Agendize today?

Empower customers. It allows customers to book an appointment whenever they want, wherever they are. It gives customers the opportunity to decide the best moment to book an appointment with the services they need in a few taps or clicks.
Reduce no-shows. The scheduling software automates notifications for both staff and clients whenever a modification on the appointment is made. Also, clients receive automatic reminders in order not to forget their appointment with the business.
Save time. Once the appointment scheduling platform is set up, it will manage a business calendar automatically, allowing professionals to focus on providing clients with the best services possible.
Avoid double booking. Thanks to an intelligent solution, Agendize proposes only available time slots to the clients in order to avoid two clients book an appointment at the same time.


Some of Salesforce main benefits.

41% more leads. It helps you find customers faster. It provides SMBs with features to key insights on leads, targeted and automated emails, landing page creation and more.
38% more happy. SMBs using Salesforce CRM increase customer satisfaction with personalized, self-serve sites support. They can also gather all customer service client requests – coming from social channels, calls or emails – on one single platform. All of that help local businesses to be more reactive to customers needs.
31% more revenues. By giving pros the tools to optimize their organisation and automate certain business tasks as auto-general quotes based on specific conditions and workflows.
29% more deals. It helps you close more deals thanks to social media insights, automated deal discounts, auto-assigned tasks and deal stage tracking.
For any further information, you can consult our Salesforce connector support page.

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