Happy 10 year anniversary LinkedIn!

Happy 10 year anniversary LinkedIn!

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social media network, celebrated its 10 year anniversary on May 5th. To commemorate a decade of success, the LinkedIn team put together a really interesting infographic about their history and evolution, with numbers, dates, milestones and photos from their archives.


From a slow start to one of the top leading social media

 It’s kind of hard to imagine life before LinkedIn, as it’s become such a mainstream channel for professionals of all sorts and businesses large and small around the world. But it wasn’t always so popular. 10 years ago, this whole social media phenomenon was just taking its first baby steps. Just think, when they started, Facebook hadn’t even been founded yet! So LinkedIn’s beginnings were understandably a bit slow. A week after they first launched, they had 2,700 members, and a month later the number hadn’t even doubled, sitting at 4,700.

Despite the challenges getting things going and getting traction for what they were trying to do, they were eventually able to make tracks in the social landscape, leading them to the incredible success they enjoy today. As of now, they have 225 million members around the world – a far cry from those early days. They also offer their platform in 16 different languages. Apparently, two new people join LinkedIn every second!

The challenge of innovation

It’s not easy to stand out online with the plethora of sites and social media networks vying for attention. One way LinkedIn was able to enjoy such incredible success was thanks to their focus on innovation. Their address book functionality, for example, was one early tactic that allowed them to make headway. Enabling the powerful and very popular recommendations feature in 2006 was another huge boon.

2012 was a year of big changes – product innovation and transformation were the name of the game, all revolving around 3 main concepts: simplify, grow, everyday.

At Agendize, we can definitely relate to LinkedIn’s journey and what it’s like to startup a business that revolves around technology and a concept that hasn’t really hit the mainstream yet. When we first started with our customer service software and tools, it was still a pretty new idea. Seeing things like Click to Chat and Online Scheduling on a website was a rarity. But we believed in what we were doing. We saw that this was the way of the future. And we stuck with it. That’s what the journey to success is all about!

 So, LinkedIn we salute you and wish you a very happy birthday!

Are you a LinkedIn member? How have you used the platform to advance your career or your business? Let us know in the comments.

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