Greeting Your Customers is Never Optional

Greeting Your Customers is Never Optional

We all know that shopping from home can be a pain in the neck. A different type stress exists when a customer is faced with millions of companies to choose from. Understanding and acknowledging your customers’ frustrations is key to creating a positive shopping experience online. Sometimes a pleasant experience is all you need to offer so valuable leads stay, shop and return.

It’s like that coffee shop that you visit every morning before work which you know isn’t the best. It’s a little pricey and there’s better coffee around the corner but… the barista’s consistent friendliness influences your decision to start your day “there” instead. Proving that the positive energy transferred from that one employee is more addictive than the brew itself.

Lesson of the day: Greeting your customer is never optional. It’s mandatory.

Agendize Live Chat helps you keep a human touch approach when serving your customer’s online.

What makes a greeting an effective greeting?

Instant acknowledgement. Agendize’s proactive chat feature allows you to approach your leads the second they start browsing your site. This initial contact will clarify your customers’ needs so you can start filling in the blanks immediately.

Sincere greetings. Live chatting like a robot won’t get you far. People want to know they’re talking to a real person who values their business. Make your visitors feel special by thanking them for showing interest in your company. A sincere approach will place you above your competitors who aren’t investing in customer engagement. Always remember the coffee shop example. Customers fall in love with experiences first.

Personal approach. “How may I help you” is risky because it can have opposite effects. It’s such a common question that’s so easy to ignore. With Agendize Live Chat, you can personalize your customer service approach by learning more about your visitors and where they’re browsing. Detailed reporting on user location, chat history and referral sources will help target your questions accordingly.

It only takes a few seconds to gain or lose a customer. Increase your online sales by using your time wisely with Agendize Live Chat.

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