Great New Live Chat Features – Complete Redesign, Proactive Chat and Shortcuts

Great New Live Chat Features – Complete Redesign, Proactive Chat and Shortcuts

New Agendize Live Chat Widget

The new Live Chat widget

We’ve been hard at work at some amazing new features for Agendize Live Chat, and I’m really excited that I can finally tell you all about some of them.

New Widget

We’ve completely redesigned and rethought the widget. It will now live on the bottom right-hand corner of the user’s web browser so they always have easy access to customer support chat at any time and anywhere on your website.

Proactive Chat

This was by far our most requested new feature. Having a Live Chat button on your website is great, but nothing is better than being able to come right out and ask your customers if they have any questions. With Proactive Chat, you can have your chat widget open automatically and do just that. You can configure how long it will wait before opening and what message will appear, and you can show different messages to new visitors and people who have been to your website before.

New Agendize Live Chat Operator Console

The new Live Chat operator console

New Chat Operator Console

From your chat console, you now have easy access to a lot more information about your customers. Here’s a list:

  • Where the customer is located
  • Which page of your website she was viewing when she started the chat
  • Which page of your website she is viewing while chatting
  • What information she entered when launching the chat
  • A history of previous chat sessions
  • Which operators are currently chatting with the customer

Chat Shortcuts

Are there certain phrases you use in chat all the time? With Chat Shortcuts you can add them all as predefined messages and never have to type them again. Just find the right message in the list or type in the shortcut you defined and the message will automatically be sent to the visitor.

I think you’ll find that these features make the Live Chat button on your website even more engaging for your visitors and will help turn them into loyal customers.

Matt Fogel

VP Product

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