Good Franchisors Don’t Let Franchisees Go Blind

Good Franchisors Don’t Let Franchisees Go Blind

How to Put Your Franchisees at the Head of their Local Ecosystem?

Overcoming Local Blindness

Local intelligence is key to increasing the service quality and consumer relevance of any franchise, while also enabling the
granular decision-making that turns any good business into a great one. But with some franchisees still using traditional methods of booking appointments, giving customers calls, and maybe even emailing them from individual accounts, how are they supposed to easily zoom back and see the bigger picture on their activities, or even get the picture that you may have of how to succeed?

Opening Lines of Communication

The first step to giving your franchisees a better picture of their activities is to update the way they engage customers. An integrated suite of apps like Appointment Requests, Online Scheduling, Click-to-Call, Live Chat and More can automatically store customer interaction history and rich information on each activity. From there, franchisees can always pull up a deep history of their customers, as well as analytics data on their entire engagement history, assuring the best sales at every opportunity.

Helping Franchisees See the Big Picture

Ultimately, Franchisees need to understand what role they have in their local ecosystem, and a complete customer engagement suite with advanced analytics can help them get there. However, it is ultimately up to the Franchisor to guide this implementation and support – advanced location intelligence across all your outlets doesn’t come without a dedicated and meaningful organizational process. With all that in play, you can not only give each Franchisee a better picture of their work,
but also get a full pictures of your entire brand’s customer engagement dynamic, and how to discover and work off better and better practices.

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