Get the Best of CRM and Online Scheduling

Get the Best of CRM and Online Scheduling

Online Scheduling not only saves time, organizes schedules and enables businesses to get more bookings 24/7, but also enables critical integrations through software products like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that allow businesses to automatically index information about their clients, calling it up whenever they need to contact them, make notes about their relationship with their business or increase sales!


Handling a Native CRM in Online Scheduling



Since convenience and timesaving integration is the primary purpose of Online Scheduling, it only makes sense for it to come packaged with a native CRM. A native CRM means that, within Online Scheduling, users can create and edit client profiles, select clients with tags or through the CRM’s search bar, merge client profiles and make more modifications. Users can also message clients directly through their CRM, whether through SMS message or Email, cutting even more off the time needed to reach out directly to clients and make more sales.


CRM capabilities may seem unusual to many smaller and medium businesses, however regular use of a convenient CRM ensures, with little time invested, that you can get the most out of customer relationships with your business. With all your customer information automatically recorded under one roof, you can also increase overall satisfaction by better managing these relationships, all while maintaining the convenience of having every customer’s information available at the drop of a hat.


Integrating your Online Scheduling with Salesforce CRM



For more advanced business that already use a CRM, customer engagement tools like Online Scheduling can be a vital integration that adds value to the way they communicate customers, better personalizing every aspect of their relationship. Fortunately, Online Scheduling can integrate with advanced SaaS software like Salesforce’s CRM and Sandbox.


With this kind of integration, Online Scheduling can parse new clients and appointments to Salesforce as contacts, leads and events in your calendar, meaning your new engagement solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your existing environment. Additionally, as you incorporate this new tool, you will never lose any data that could improve your Salesforce customer database, maintaining consistency as you increase the reach of your leading CRM platform!


More CRM means Scheduling has No Limits!
Online Scheduling CRM integrations aren’t limited to native programs and Salesforce, as CRMs like Zoho, Capsule and more can be integrated with Online Scheduling in only a few clicks to enable any business with advanced customer relationships to continually add value. Online Scheduling already permits timesavings and enables bookings 24/7, so its automation can only add more effectiveness to the power of any business’ existing CRM!

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