Calendar display - Agendize - EN

Calendar display

Choose the display period and save the default view, choose the type of service you want to view and the teammate.

Drive your business with reports - Agendize - EN

Drive your business with reports

Boost your company's performance with the reporting tool built into Agendize's online scheduling solution.


Define the availability of staff members

Discover our best practices regarding the management of availabilities in the agenda of your teammates.

The contact profile - Agendize - EN

The contact profile

To ensure your customer follow-up, you can access your CRM from your calendar console.


Manage services

Access to the list of services offered, creation, modification and setting up of a service, allocation of a service to the team members able to carry out a service, grouping services.

Manage appointments - Agendize - EN

Manage appointments

Appointment creation, appointments in free mode, status update and reprogramming appointments, scheduling team members.

Manage staff members-Agendize-EN

Manage staff members

With Agendize, the optimization of agendas thanks to team management is possible!

Manage your contacts - Agendize - EN

Manage your contacts

With the CRM Agendize exploit the customer data it's easy!

Synchronize an external calendar - Agendize - EN

Synchronize an external calendar

The Agendize solution APIs allow you full or two-way synchronization with your external calendars (office 365, Outlook, Google Calendar). All you have to do is invite your teammates and login to activate the synchronization.

Why synchronize an external calendar-Agendize-EN

Why synchronize an external calendar

What is sync with an external calendar like Google Calendar?