Get Payments Out of the Way with Online Scheduling!

Get Payments Out of the Way with Online Scheduling!

E-commerce has the world abuzz, and as it continues to grow businesses are looking for the best way to capitalize on their competitive investment. While Online Scheduling is a great platform to schedule sales calls, customer support and more, it also enables businesses to automate the payments process by accepting payment through PayPal as their clients book appointments!


Get Your Paypal Linked to Your Online Scheduling



Activating online payments for appointments is as simple as inputting your PayPal business account’s email address. From there your clients are presented with the same seamless Online Scheduling process, except with the confirmation of their appointments are prompted to fulfill payment through a PayPal scheduling link.


This simple extension of your booking process leads them to PayPal’s market-leading checkout process, ultimately reducing no-shows and lost revenue by securing payment in advance. Furthermore, this simple integration goes a long way, allowing customers to focus entirely on the services they receive during their appointments and rendering payment an essentially touch-less process!


Add Critical Convenience for Your Clients


Online Scheduling enables various critical conveniences that help your business automate more and more of its activities, allowing you to focus on the way you serve your customers. With Online Scheduling’s PayPal integration, you can start collecting payments faster than ever, and truly bring the way your business handles its money into the 21st century!

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