Get More Customers with Online Scheduling

Get More Customers with Online Scheduling

Recently, we were asked by Stephanie Miles of StreetFightMag to offer some out-of-the-box ideas on how to get the most from Online Scheduling. With a couple quotes published here we figured we’d take things a step further and give our readers a full, top-to-bottom evaluation of the best and most effective ways to deploy and use online scheduling. We’ve seen our users deploy and promote our online scheduling platform in crazy ways, but giving a total picture of how effective it is can be important for Small Businesses that want to really learn how to use this product to grow their business, and come up with ideas all their own.


While consumers see regular appointment booking as a tedious task to be avoided at all costs, most of them love online scheduling it for its simplicity and instant results. With Online Scheduling, there are no more long undesired phone calls waiting to book with a doctor, hairdresser, physical therapist, tailor, or any number of the services we use and love daily. Online scheduling is an opportunity for Small Businesses to turn a tedious task into a fun experience, bringing all the benefits that comes with it. Good online scheduling necessarily increases appointments booked as it makes the business available to clients outside its working hours, reduces no-shows, eliminates double-bookings and saves a ton of time for local businesses.  


Because marketing and productivity benefits are so deeply intermingled with Online Scheduling, we find it useful to think of it as a platform for customers to connect faster with businesses. Since most customers aren’t yet accustomed to this idea of booking their local services online, getting the most out of Online Scheduling requires not only optimizing and setting up features to the fullest and in the most personalized way possible, but also sensitizing clients to an experience they’re not used to by using various means to promote this new trend (this is where more out-of-the-box ideas come into play). In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing a series of blog posts that elaborate on these elements of Online Scheduling, so that every business that uses it knows how to get the most out of it. Stay tuned and Enjoy!

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