Get Location Intelligence that Keeps Business Going

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Get Location Intelligence that Keeps Business Going

Consumers Love Customer Engagement

  • 61% of consumers now either expect or appreciate Online Scheduling from their local businesses
  • 61% of consumers want a call from your business during their path-to-purchase
  • 77% of consumers say Live Chat improves their opinion of a business

Digital Queuing Management, built in Email and SMS Marketing and more work within this unified suite to drive more revenue per customer and give you one reporting console to measure the performance of every location and service.

The Challenge

Franchisors take care to build meaningful, branded connections with their customers, but does any Franchisor really understand what events motivate consumers to buy in their day-to-day lives? Weather, personal events, celebrations and local conditions all play a part in the products and services we seek out daily, so developing a real-time record of
every interaction is crucial to understand what customers are looking for and what you can do to cater to their existing demands.

What You Can Do

Implementing Customer Engagement Apps with Agendize not only permits you to get the benefits of systems like Appointment Requests, Online Scheduling, Free Callbacks, Live Chat, Dynamic Forms, Digital Queuing Management and more from one platform, but also gives you instant analytics access, with the ability to deep dive into appointment
histories, customer notes, call recordings, chat transcripts, wait times and even more in-store location data to develop a full picture of what drives your customers.

Defining Outcomes

Imagine an ice cream shop at the end of summer. Suburban, serene, and soccer season is just about to end. One league and team after another has parents who decide that they want to have a party, and some local stores start to see an increase in bookings and calls. You love situations like this, it shows real loyalty to your brand, but what do you assign this bump in activity to? Do you know that it’s the end of soccer season? Are you able to design a promotion around it?

Are you able to export the idea, or even tradition, to other markets and regions?

With a platform like Agendize, you can finally see these opportunities -without it, you’re blind to them. Let a specialist give you access to a free 30-day trial of Agendize Appointment Requests for up to 50 locations. 

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