Get Agendize from anywhere with new Zapier Integration!

Get Agendize from anywhere with new Zapier Integration!

When you have a versatile suite of customer engagement tools like Agendize’s, you need to make sure you have all critical integrations down pat so your customers can get the most value possible. That’s why, on top of Agendize’s sector-leading CRM and mailing list integrations, as well as its world-class APIs, we’ve added integration with Zapier – now ensuring that any of the fast-growing applications on the market can quickly incorporate triggers and actions from Online Scheduling.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a fast growing platform that allows software services, apps and more to connect via easy-to-build “Zaps”, or recipes for different triggers and actions of information. These Zaps are built on APIs provided by different companies and their developers, so that almost any user can create a custom connection without needing to understand the complicated tangle of programming that is typically required to execute integrations. Because of its easy use, flexible pricing and outstanding performance, Zapier is quickly becoming a service any and every application needs to integrate with

How does our integration work?

Agendize’s Zapier integration currently provides two “triggers” and two “actions”. “Triggers” are protocols that initiate a process within another app when something happens within Agendize. For now, these include 1) a new CRM client and 2) a new appointment. “Actions” are protocols that initiate a process within Agendize when something happens within another app. For now, actions include the ability to 1) create a client and 2) create an appointment within Agendize.

To get started, users need to simply select a trigger or action and then an Agendize account to associate with their Zap. After a quick sign-in authentication, you can then authorize a Zap to get information from your account, select the relevant company, choose its relationship with another app and test out the results! Zapier has even introduced “Multi-Step Zaps”, which allow users to daisy-chain multiple apps in a row, meaning whenever an appointment is booked in Agendize, you can share endless bit of different information with other apps.


A Powerful tool for every App!

In the future, we’ll also be including even more triggers and actions for things like completed, rescheduled, canceled, no-show bookings and more, as well as different updates for Online Scheduling and Agendize’s native CRM! Depending on pricing choices, any business can get the volume of actions, as well as the refresh rate they need, starting with a free package which allows 5 Zaps to run a 100 actions per month, refreshed every 15 minutes (or manually if. This is perfect to test out a new Zap and start figuring out how you can get the most out of it for your business!
Applications like Slack, Trello, Quickbooks, Campaign Monitor, Breezy HR, Hubspot CRM and hundreds more can now be integrated with Agendize in a few quick and easy steps, adding new possibilities for what your business can accomplish. Be sure to check out Agendize’s Zapbook and see what this integration can do for you!

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