French Phenomenon: How Click & Collect has reshaped the retail industry.

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French Phenomenon: How Click & Collect has reshaped the retail industry.

Cora Drive adResults of a study unravelling the growing trend of “Click & Collect” and how Drive Thru has changed the retail industry in France.








  •  Out of France’s 90 main retailers, 70% have an e-commerce website
  •  Online sales will comprise 5.7% of household consumption by 2015
  •  The top 10 pure e-commerce players monopolize 70% of online sales

What is it?

In order to boost sales without trying to beat e-commerce retailers at their own game, traditional retailers have begun to leverage their online presence through the “Click & Collect” model – where customers (1) shop online and (2) collect their order on-site at a drive-thru.


Hypermarkets and food retailers in particular have embraced the Click & Collect concept. This trend is spreading among other retailers – e.g. clothing, furniture, electronics, office supplies.


  • Customer get a better and convenient service, better balance their budget, save time.
  • Retailers make tremendous gains in operational efficiency.

Cora Drive warehouse


There is plenty of data proving that using a site to drive traffic into retail stores is both effective and highly beneficial. Companies like Morgan see a 30% increase in sales from the Click & Collect model.

In fact, this model is so beneficial that some of France’s biggest pure e-commerce players have begun to vertically integrate the other way by setting up physical locations of their own.

The bridge

Online Scheduling and Click & Collect’s accomplish the same goal: it is the bridge that brings consumers from online to offline – generating footfall for businesses.

Our previous blog post stresses the benefits of Online Scheduling in the retail sector:

  • Up-sell to qualified, ready-to-buy customers
  • Provide a higher quality customer service experience
  • Automatically build customer database


Source: Le drive et le click & collect séduisent enseignes et clients.

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