Agendize maximizes
franchisor service
quality & marketing

A Comprehensive Solution for
the Franchise Industry

Agendize Synchronizes
Franchisors & Franchisees

Reduce days-to-dollars

Let your Franchisees hit the ground running by enabling easy booking, calls, chats and more to speed up how fast consumers connect with them.

Generate leads at scale

Implement Agendize across all locations and service areas to ensure that no interested customer goes unserved.

Maximize your co-op campaigns

Agendize apps allows every action to be attributed, so you can see the effect of your marketing campaigns and get your Franchisees to invest more.

Optimize each location

Better manage schedules, queues, and customer contact info so that your Franchisees make the most of every sales opportunity.


Online Scheduling & Appointment Requests

Enable each location to receive appointment requests or even have customers book online with real-time availabilities, giving consumers instant access to your top-line services.

Live Chat & Free Callbacks

Let Franchisees give consumers instant, convenient answers, while Franchisors also enhance their access and responsiveness in both employee and franchisee recruiting.


Queuing Management & Dynamic Forms

Customers check into your franchise location with name, phone number, email or other contact information. You monitor wait-times and location performance with one hand, while sending remarketing messages with the other. Dynamic forms give you the same information you crave, all without needing a web developer to modify them.

Email Marketing & Analytics API

Automate email marketing campaigns and leverage data on every interaction through advanced APIs, giving you maximum fungibility in determining where your best dollars come from.

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Discover the Webinar

Our Webinar, joined by DevHub, is custom-built to illustrate how powerfully franchise businesses can generate leads at scale.

Discover the White Paper

94.74% of franchise organizations view their marketing strategies as “very similar, somewhat similar, or unsure” compared to those of their competitors – discover how customer engagement can be your key differentiator.

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