Franchisees: Meeting the challenge of a digitized consumer marketplace

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Franchisees: Meeting the challenge of a digitized consumer marketplace

One of the chief challenges that franchise organizations face, and one that franchisee integration and collaborative customer engagement can resolve, is understanding how to leverage themselves against the myriad of aggressive, on-demand, analytics-driven services and startups that are trying to eat away your market share.

Just look at how the taxi industry confronted Uber – first they laughed at it and ridiculed its quality, then they whined and cried foul when they saw it eating away market share, and finally – in places where they could not exercise regulatory capture – they gave in and adapted to consumer expectations, but not before getting decimated and falling behind a new market leader.

Do you really want this story to happen to you? Are you waiting on a digitized competitor to show you what consumers really want – calls, chats, appointment bookings, email and SMS marketing and more – without even leveraging those engagement to discover a formula that really works for you, and allows you to satisfy your customers in the long term?

Instituting digital customer engagement, with a suite effect that gives you better insight on your business, is not only necessary for 21st century franchise organizations, but also crucial to addressing a seismic shift in the digital consumer marketplace that – without anticipation – could leave your organization extinct.

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