Franchise : What is your customer information food chain?

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Franchise : What is your customer information food chain?

You can eat whatever you want, but if you don’t watch what you eat, you probably won’t end up healthy. As with the human body, the health and recurring revenue generated by franchise organizations can often be assigned strictly to how they handle, cultivate and capitalize on the customer information they carry. Where most organizations fail, however, is in the implementation of integrated suites and systems to organize, analyze and drive this critical information up the food chain.

Consider the emergence of local events, traditional events, and location specific events that generate buzz in a community. Whether it’s a major concert, festival, or simply the end of a youth sports season and parents are looking for gifts and places to celebrate, are your franchise organizations really capitalizing on the opportunities to promote themselves therein?

With an integrated customer engagement suite like Agendize, you not only give your franchisees the opportunity to earn calls, chats, appointments and more from customers, you also get a command center for your Customer Engagement Optimization. One unified hub for every franchisees digital interactions has a variety of benefits we’ll explore in this paper, but the main advantage remains this: you finally know and understand the customer information your entire franchise is consuming.

Ultimately Franchisors, holding companies, and multi-unit headquarters are the true owners of the customer information any particular franchisee might generate, but too often this data is not consumed by the higher of rungs of a franchise organization, and thus critical local opportunities are missed where resources could have been efficiently brought to bear.

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