From online appointment scheduling to automating your customer engagement !

Agendize supports you on a daily basis in managing your customer relationship and setting up a customer conversion and loyalty strategy to grow and scale your business


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From off-the-shelf to API-driven experiences, discover the range of possibilities !


Make appointment scheduling simple


Simplify your customer’s journey and make life easier for everyone when scheduling 1:1 or group meetings.

Automate the management of room or equipment reservations booking during the appointment process to avoid duplication.

Your availability is always up to date thanks to the two-way synchronization between your external calendars and Agendize.


Eliminate the back-and-forth


Automate and customize appointment confirmation and reminder notifications sent to your clients and staff members.

Always prepared ! Daily appointment summaries are automatically sent to your staff members.

As the appointment approaches, the customer receives a reminder notification. You can freely define the type of notification: email and / or SMS as well as the time of sending.

Build a personalized relationship

Automate your customer relationship management. For each new customer, a file is automatically created in your CRM. The history of customer interactions is saved in their records.

Keep in touch with your customers, launch your marketing campaigns simply from predefined and customizable templates.

Improve your appointment flow with our reports that list all of your customer activity and interactions.

Learn about the quality of your service
with post appointment surveys and client reviews.


Seamless integrations and synchronizations


Optimize your use of Agendize thanks to integrations with analytics tools.

Simplify your tasks and boost your productivity thanks to CRM integrations like Salesforce, Pipedrive or even by using the Zapier connector.

Two-way calendar synchronisation with Google Calendar, Outlook, Office365 or Exchange Online.

Secure your revenue and prevent cancellations with online payments, using solutions such as Paypal or Stripe.

Integrate video conferencing links into each of your events.

Reduce lines and wait times

Transform the customer experience into your points of sale. Eliminate the wait, free up your customers' time to discover your products, and collect the information necessary for your future marketing campaigns with a virtual queueing management system.


Assist your customers


Click to call: Improve customer satisfaction by allowing your visitors to be called back automatically by one of your representatives.

Call tracking: Analyze the origin of your incoming calls to improve your campaigns.

Bot: Automated communication module with built-in appointment scheduling and voice recognition.

A 100% connected and secure service


The safety of our product is a major issue for us. Choose between SaaS hosting in France or in USA, Dedicated SaaS (OVH, AWS, Azure...) or On-Premise! Our servers are hosted by suppliers implementing 24/7 protections.

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Each question has its solution


Between our help center, our community forums and our account managers, no question remains unanswered !

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Made with Developers in mind


Agendize APIs have been created to add world-class flexibility and scalability. It allows apps to interact directly with your Agendize platform, enhancing abilities of usage as well as increasing the efficiency of managing large deployments.

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White Label


No need to develop from scratch. Accelerate your product innovation and expand your offer by integrating Agendize. Make our brand disappear behind yours with our white label program.

Make it easier for your teams


Partners, we provide you with a reseller console that allows you to manage all your customers and interactions from a single interface.


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