Fabulous New Features to Book an Appointment

Fabulous New Features to Book an Appointment

A message from Christophe Berge, Chief Architect & Co-Founder of Agendize.com

Dear Agendize Friends,

Summer is already here and even though many of you have vacation on your mind, the Agendize team is always hard at work improving our services. We’re proud to announce several new features added to Book an Appointment, our online scheduling service.

Here’s a list of your wishes come true:

  • In the Book an Appointment widget, instead of having customers choose a service and then a staff member, they can now just choose a service and have our platform select the staff member for them. The staff member will automatically be selected by our system following certain rules: staff who have already served your client, those who are the most available or simply by random selection.
  • Buffer Time. You can now set time aside between two appointments. Buffer time can be used for a delay or a break between appointments. This way, there’s no reason to stress if your appointments are running late and you need a bite to eat, or if you need to allow for travel time between each appointment.
  • Your customers can now change the date of their appointment or cancel it on their own. The confirmation emails sent to customers by our service now contain a personalized link they can follow to access (and modify) the details of their appointment at any time.

We are working on more new features for Book an Appointment which will be announced on the blog in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


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