Optimize your customer journey with online appointment scheduling

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Make it easier for your teams


Many hours are spent every day for planning management. That's so much time you don't spend managing your customer relationship! An online appointment scheduling software simplifies the customer journey and makes life easier for your customers, 24/7

Gain efficiency in the management of your customer relationship


Establish a relationship of trust by empowering your customers to easily reach out. Optimize your interactions, and develop a close relationship with them thanks to Agendize CRM.
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Boost your productivity


Agendize integrates with your favorite tools to allow you to automate and optimize your customer relationship management. You can then devote yourself to other more important tasks.


Features designed with you in mind !


Agendize + Salesforce

Combine the powers of Agendize with those of Salesforce to increase your productivity and optimize your organization. Automate your marketing actions and create an unstoppable sales process


Automated CRM

Collect the necessary information about your customers more easily. Quickly access all your customers' information as well as their engagements from Agendize built-in CRM

Secured hosting

The safety of our product is a major issue for us. Choose between SaaS hosting in France or in the USA, Dedicated SaaS (OVH, AWS, Azure...) or On-Premise! Our servers are hosted by suppliers implementing 24/7 protections.

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