Enhancing the Personal Touch with CRM (Part VI)

Enhancing the Personal Touch with CRM (Part VI)

Since Small Businesses already have a personal touch that big box stores can’t compete, isn’t a good idea that the little guys to play to the strengths they already have? We’ve already discussed how incorporating a CRM can give you the same advantages that corporate chains have in retaining customers, growing new ones and improving their customer’s experience, but with flexible, responsive, cloud-based CRMs, a small business can also enhance the personal touch its customers already love.


Promoting discounts based on expressed interests or trending items doesn’t have to be the only way to make sure your customers know you care. Your service with clients doesn’t simply have to be time or promotion contingent, as the CRM and its associated tools exist so that you have a constantly improving reference on your customers. In that way, keeping track of their personal milestones can not only only help your customers appreciate you, but bring you a genuine sense of care and attention to your customers’ lives. What’s more, if you make sure to send the right messages at the right time, it can not only strengthen your relationships, but also drive more business.


For instance, messaging customers with offers or simple well-wishes on their birthday could make the difference as to which restaurant they dine at to celebrate. Consider other examples, like knowing when a younger client’s high school graduation is, so that you can offer them a discounted beauty appointment right before it takes place, ensuring they look their best in photos and maybe even winning you a customer for life. These are the sorts of things that make people feel important, and with the right tools at your disposal, it’s easier than ever to put a smile on a clients’ face and permit your small business to be a hub in your community.


Since it’s the holiday season, consider sending out a last minute invite to your favourite customers. While phone calls used to be the best way to create a personal connection, our mobiles simply aren’t built for us to talk into, and most consumers have grown to prefer a simple email or text message that they can handle at their leisure. So, invite them along, give them a holiday discount, suggest some of your products and services as gifts for the family, or simply express your values and share your care and joy by offering a season’s greetings!
And of course, we want to offer the same to you. Happy Holidays!

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