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Online Appointment Booking: what are the new expectations of consumers?

Nowadays, customers are connected everywhere and at all time with smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables, etc.

The result is a change of habits and expectations regarding digital services:

40% of appointments are booked outside opening hours

67% of e-shoppers are more likely to buy when they get an instant reply

Customers, therefore, demand services that they consider indispensable and fulfill a minimum of efficiency criteria: 

  • 24/7 availability
  • Autonomy when booking appointments
  • Reactivity
  • Appointment reminders for an optimal experience
  • The possibility of giving an opinion on the service

This demand affects all industries. And so, enterprises must be ready to take the turn towards digital transformation. One of the apparent answers they can offer their customers and their prospects is the implementation of an online appointment scheduling software.

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How to efficiently innovate with online appointment booking?

Innovation is a significant challenge for any company that wants to remain competitive. The implementation of digital tools such as online appointment booking is usually a trendy differentiating element for customers and generates real gains for the company.

Optimize customer relationship with the help of online customer engagement tools


Unquestionably, the phenomenon of massive digitization has shaken consumer habits and expectations. Having access to services "at your fingertips" has created a need for instantaneity and exacerbated responsiveness. The available attention time becomes a valuable item for companies in the context of intensified competition.

Companies now have to deal with this change and adapt to stay competitive. So it becomes essential to offer a multichannel customer experience: both physical and digital. Especially, since the barrier is thinning rapidly with the development of new features on smartphones that allow users to access more and more services in a mobile situation.



The user experience starts often on search engines and continues with the consultation of websites. And now prospects are more likely to make searches on their smartphones rather than desktops.

To avoid losing an opportunity, companies should facilitate the offering of information and contact forms on websites that quickly serve information to prospects. To do this, the implementation of an online appointment scheduling tool is a highly effective solution.

You can customize the process of appointment booking by adding various services, members of your staff and their availability. The platform is designed to adapt to your needs according to your type of activity and facilitates your organization's management.

The benefits 

  • A service available 24/7 for your prospects and customers
  • A simple and effective innovation which gives an image of modernity
  • More efficient processing of customer requests and, therefore, better responsiveness
  • Your schedule is available at any time, so you boost your income 

Revigorate your customer relationship management


Conventional solutions such as telephone or email appointment scheduling can be frustrating experiences for the consumer and business. Juggling between calls, emails, a paper or digital calendar is tantamount to wasting time and loss of productivity. Not to mention the new habits of users who now expect brands to be available for interaction directly on social networks, such as Facebook.

Redesign your booking process and you will gain in performance by redirecting all these tools into a single platform



A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software allows you to quickly and efficiently register and access all interactions with a customer. With a few clicks, access the information you need to customize your customer relationship.

Open spots for appointments are shared and accessible anywhere and at any time. This tool is even more useful when connected to other existing calendar solutions, such as Google and Outlook.

With automatic appointment reminders, reduce the no-show rate on the customer side and gain in productivity on the business side. 

The mobile application allows managing your calendar and appointments at any time, even while working remotely, so you become more responsive.

The benefits

  • Have access to all the information about each customer on the same platform
  • Obtain customer records to increase responsiveness
  • Complete customer files to personalize the relationship
  • Share your online calendar for better management of customer teams
  • Manage customer relationship and your calendar at every moment to be responsive and gain productivity

Measure actions and how engaged your customers are


A business that wants to stay competitive and comply with the ever-changing habits of customers should continuously improve. And customers equally wish to have the possibility to give their opinion for improvement on fast and easy-to-use feedback tools.

It would be a shame to deprive yourself of this wealth of essential information. Adopting a customer-centric posture allows, in this sense, companies to offer an experience that is always closer to the expectations of prospects or customers.



The implementation of post-appointment satisfaction surveys promotes the collection of feedback and boosts customer engagement. A company that cares about the experience of its customers generally conveys a very positive image. Having an analytical and reporting tool is also a great way to have concrete and tangible information for your customer knowledge.

The benefits 

  • Improve the customer experience continuously to meet expectations
  • Offer your customers a feedback tool to adopt an effective customer-centric approach
  • Strengthen customer engagement and develop a positive image

Choosing the right online booking software


Scheduling appointments is a crucial step in the relationship with a customer or a prospect. This is the sign of a particular commitment to a brand or a company, a marked desire to engage in a conversation. Companies should not miss this opportunity, because it may not happen again. When the prospect makes a decision, he must be able to find a contact solution as quickly as possible on the means of communication that suits him best.

In marketing terms, this is the transition from a mere visitor to prospect, or, potentially, from a prospect to a customer. Traditionally booking an appointment over the phone could represent a barrier for consumers while the online appointment is made in a few clicks with a simple and intuitive tool.

Unlike a regular telephone, a digital solution offers the benefit of being able to manage several requests at the same time and to be automatically connected to your calendar.



There is no need to develop an in-house tool to match your expectations and technical requirements. Indeed, today "plug and play" online solutions offer you complete and customizable features, as well as simplified synchronization with other existing platforms you already use. The key is to choose your tool wisely so that it meets essential criteria allowing you to bring innovation into your current processes.

The benefits

  • A customizable solution tailored to your industry
  • A tool that integrates with existing ones and all your channels (website, Facebook page,...) for optimal deployment
  • A ready-to-use solution to save time and money instead of developing an in-house tool
  • An automatic appointment reminder system that increases team productivity and reduces no-shows

How businesses and customers face online appointments


of appointments are booked through prior online research


decrease of no-show risk thanks to automatic notifications


of time is saved when you change from paper calendar to online appointments


is the time earned on the processing of a recurring client

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