Promotions and payments

Automate your promotions and increase customer loyalty with Agendize!


To increase loyalty, your clients can easily manage promotional rates for their customers who pre-pay online when booking. Agendize takes care of the rest by automating all promotions.

The discounted price is included in appointment details to help your clients manage their in-store payments accordingly.


3rd party epayments

Agendize supports integrations with e-payments platforms such as Paypal, Ingenico and Monetary. In order to reduce no-shows and secure revenue your clients can require a deposit or full payment upfront during the appointment booking process.


3rd party pos

Your clients need best-in-class customizable appointment scheduling tools and must interact with their customers in a personal way. POS providers can now offer booking, call and chat features designed for local service businesses by integrating Agendize into their platform.


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