Promotions and Payments


Automate your promotions and increase customer loyalty with Agendize!


To increase loyalty, your clients can easily manage promotional rates for their customers who pre-pay online when booking. Agendize takes care of the rest by automating all promotions.

The discounted price is included in appointment details to help your clients manage their in-store payments accordingly.

Integration Showcase

Agendize booking software can easily be connected through your Movylo account. Movylo is an automated loyalty program, to promote as big brands do without dedicating too much time or money. Sending customers targeted promotions and coupons to help businesses generate more sales.




Third-Party E-Payment Synchronization

Agendize supports integrations with e-payment platforms such as Paypal, Ingenico, and Monetary. In order to reduce no-shows and secure revenue, your clients can require a deposit or full payment upfront during the appointment booking process.

Available Integrations through Agendize:


ingenico-group-minrealex paymentspaypal-min



Third-Party POS

Your clients need best-in-class customizable appointment scheduling tools and must interact with their customers in a personal way. POS providers can now offer bookings, call and chat features designed for local service businesses by integrating Agendize into their platform.


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