Built-in CRM and Marketing Automation


An integrated customer relationship management system for all the business' interactions and engagements.

Revigorate your customer relationship management


Conventional solutions such as telephone or email appointment scheduling can be frustrating experiences for the consumer and business. Juggling between calls, emails, a paper or digital calendar is tantamount to wasting time and loss of productivity. Not to mention the new habits of users who now expect brands to be available for interaction directly on social networks, such as Facebook.

Redesign your booking process, and you will gain in performance by redirecting all these tools into a single platform



A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software allows you to quickly and efficiently register and access all interactions with a customer. With a few clicks, obtain the information you need to customize your customer relationship.

Open spots for appointments are shared and accessible anywhere and at any time. This tool is even more useful when connected to other existing calendar solutions, such as Google and Outlook.

With automatic appointment reminders, reduce the no-show rate on the customer side and gain in productivity on the business side. 

The mobile application allows team members to access their schedules, managing their calendar and appointments in real-time, even while on-the-go, so you become more responsive.

The benefits

  • Have access to all the information about each customer on the same platform
  • Obtain customer records to increase responsiveness
  • Complete customer files to personalize the relationship
  • Share your online calendar for better management of customer teams
  • Manage customer relationship and your schedule at every moment to be responsive and gain productivity

Email and SMS marketing

The Agendize platform makes it easy for businesses to create and maintain a contact list. Agendize CRM includes native email and text marketing features.

Agendize synchronizes with mail servers such as MailChimp, Constant Contact or Campaign Monitor.


Fully automated CRM

At their core, these interactions require a performant CRM to manage every engagement that the business has with their customers.

Recalling that 46% of local businesses stated they’d prefer to centralize their tasks and award all their marketing requirements to one provider, a bundled CRM serves as the perfect anchor for your company to become the provider of choice for your clients.


Feedback and reviews

Agendize Appointment Booking enables your clients to simplify their customers' journey through widgets that make picking services, times and staff both easy and convenient. To enhance the online booking experience, Agendize offers the option for the customers to leave feedback after their appointment.

The API makes it easy to integrate with third-party review and reputation management platforms such as Yext.

Learn more about our integration with Yext Reviews.


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