Conversational Booking

Offer an innovative tool that adapts to all forms of booking for all sectors of activity.

Offer an innovative tool that adapts to all forms of engagements for all sectors of activity

Business become available 24/7

61% of consumers now either expect or appreciate appointment booking from their local businesses

  • Customize the look and feel and change how customers can book in your clients’ widget.
  • Customize the information gathered from customers during the appointment process.
  • Customize all notification and reminder templates.
  • Integrate the merchant’s payment platform/method with his online calendar.

Voice & Live chat

Measure the performance of your clients’ marketing strategy by tracking the origin of every call and recording every live chat.

  • 61% of consumers want a call back from a company to complete a purchase
  • 70% already using the click to call solution to make business contact
  • 44% of online visitors consider that a live person answering to their questions in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer

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