Empower your customers with Online Scheduling from Anywhere

Empower your customers with Online Scheduling from Anywhere

One of the chief advantages of Online Scheduling is that it allows customers to get the bookings they want 24/7. This often leads to an increase in appointments booked by as much as 40%, however this could be due not only to the anytime accessibility of Online Scheduling, but also its capacity to be integrated along different digital touch points that appeal to each and every consumer in different ways.


To offer a personalized experience to different consumers, businesses need to give them engagements that feel unique to how they approach a business. Whether it’s through a website, a direct URL that doesn’t even require a website, or a QR code embedded in physical promotional materials throughout a customer’s neighbourhood, Online Scheduling can enable you to get more bookings in a way every customer is comfortable with.


Give Your Customers Direct Access through Your Website



With Online Scheduling integration for a website, you can easily obtain the code you need and integrate your bookings through a simple HTML button or iFrame code that allows you to integrate a scheduling widget directly into a webpage. These simple methods allow you to vary how you integrate scheduling across a variety of web pages, while also keeping what your customers experience consistent with your design and branding.


Since a website often forms the first critical juncture of a business’ online presence, having the flexibility to incorporate Online Scheduling in multiple ways is crucial to properly manage customers. Whether it’s a home page, product or service landing page, or other initiative meant to attract and chaperone customers with particular interest, Online Scheduling can help make the booking and purchasing process through a website simpler than ever.


Reach Beyond Websites with a Direct URL



With a Direct URL booking page, Online Scheduling enables businesses that lack a website to share their appointment booking solution with their clients from anywhere. The link can be included in any message, email, external button and so forth, so customers can use scheduling flexibly, even if the business they want to book with lacks a website. What’s more, the booking page a Direct URL is packed with necessary information about your business, so your customers know everything about location, opening hours and more as they book.


With a Direct URL booking page, any business, no matter its size, can get started in an instant with Online Scheduling, finding a new way to connect with its customers. Additionally, the full suite of information available on a booking minipage, with customizable logos and colors that can be made consistent to a business’ branding, offers its own strong standalone experience which may even be attractive to businesses that already have websites.


Bring your Offline Customers Online



QR code access to an Online Scheduling solution can allow customers to book from almost anywhere, anytime, and any way that they may be inspired to do so. QR codes can be implemented on various promotional materials like flyers, posters, billboards and more, meaning that customers essential have enhanced, real-world access to your solution. What’s more, those who use the QR code will generally access it through their mobile devices, meaning scheduling is more responsive to them than ever.


With a QR code, your Online Scheduling finally has the full flexibility and mobility needed to get customers accessing it from almost anywhere. As it buffers your customers’ ability to book online, it also increases the ability of your marketing efforts to convert clients who have a rush to final purchase in mind. Additionally, this effect can also enhance the return-on-investment you get from your physical marketing efforts.


Engaging Your Customers at Every Touchpoint
It can often be difficult for any type of business to maintain an up-to-date, responsive online presence, but with Online Scheduling that reaches customers through websites, mini pages, QR codes and more, every digital touchpoint can be covered through every device. As trends change and consumers seem to adopt new technologies overnight, Online Scheduling enables a business to develop steady pipeline of new appointments and continued growth.

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