Earn your customers’ gratitude with great Thanksgiving marketing!

Earn your customers’ gratitude with great Thanksgiving marketing!

Thanksgiving is unique to North America not only in its civic-mindedness, but in the sentimentality with which it brings together close family and friends. It’s a time to be grateful for the plenty and pleasure of the unique part of the world we occupy, and how it affords us levels of comfort and freedom rarely if ever seen before. Thanksgiving is also a pre-eminently local holiday, and since small businesses form the cornerstones of our local communities, Thanksgiving represents a unique opportunity for small businesses to promote themselves and treat their community like family.


Holiday Greetings

The first and only commandment of holiday marketing is to simply wish your customers and audience well for the holiday season. During sacrosanct holidays, much as the opportunity may be enticing to promote your business first and take advantage of the natural interest in Thanksgiving, the priority should always be to celebrate the holiday itself and what it represents.




Whatever sort of promotion you do, ensure that is serves the purpose and well-wishes of the season – helping people care, give, express gratitude and share in special moments with their families. Above all, a simple Holiday Greeting, whether it be through social media or your email list, is enough to create a feeling of friendship and amity between you and your customers, creating goodwill that lasts throughout the year!


Promotional Contest (with a Landing Page)

If you sell specialty products, or groups of products that complement the season, consider putting together a contest for a care package that your local families can share in. You could be a beauty salon that has a series of Thanksgiving themed-and-colored products, a clothing boutique or a body shop that offers seasonal items or autumn-appropriate candles and homeware, or any type of business offering large gift certificates for your goods and services.




People are always attracted by well-themed promotions, and this can be your opportunity to collect contact information from not only the winners of your contest, but from everyone who signs up! This ensures that you can have new leads to sell your goods and services to, while also garnering more interest in your community and building stronger connections, particularly with those who love the holiday season.


Real Sharing

Share a photo of your family, friends or employees’ Thanksgiving festivities. Sometimes, your customers might be great fans of your business’ goods and services, but not have gotten to know you and your team in a more meaningful way. This applies especially to popular-but-busy businesses, which draw in their community with both charisma and quality wares, but also have interesting stories to tell that don’t have the time to get told.


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Passing on a photo like this through email or social media can do a great deal to share the character, identity and background of your business or organization, and also give your staff members some of the attention and celebrity they all-too-often deserve. Furthermore, seeing who likes or shares your photo can give you insight into your biggest fans or most loyal customers, allowing you to strengthen those relationships around the crucial holiday spending season.


Sales and Discounts

Though Black Friday has become a consumer holiday all it’s own, offering specials in advance of Thanksgiving or discounts on goods and services can be great way to capture those holiday dollars before someone else does. For service-based businesses in particular, it can be the earliest appropriate time to start offering clients discounts on holiday gifts and certificates, so everyone’s aunt and uncle can get that spa day they’ve been waiting too long for!




Turkey Giveaways

Charity is a central part of the amity which defines the holiday season, so make sure Thanksgiving kicks things off right! Organizing turkey giveaways or holding fundraisers, if not giving them away yourself, can be a distinct sign of compassion and charity to those around you, and show leadership if you’re motivating people to help the less fortunate. With a little more plenty on the table of every family, your local economy improves, and what may have once been differences or social exclusions are now common bonds that make people feel safe, secure, open




The spirit of giving can be powerful, and expressing gratitude can be powerful all the more, so from this holiday season to every one afterward, be sure to give and express gratitude to your customers and community and they will be sure to show it back in more than equal measure!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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