Don’t Get Cut Out of your own Franchise Operations


Don’t Get Cut Out of your own Franchise Operations

How to be the Smartest Agency in the Room

You always look to get maximum spread and exposure for your marketing budget, but sometimes you franchisor clients stick you with questions that you’re not sure how to answer. Maybe you can dig up a report or collate disparate information from multiple project managers, but too many agencies often lack is real-time insights into every franchise location and the customer interactions they produce.

With Agendize’s leading customer engagement suite, you not only get Appointment, Call, Chat, Form, Queuing and other tools with maximum customizability – you also get to leverage unparalleled reporting and intelligence. Whether it’s appointment details, booking  stats, call recordings, chat transcripts – even individual location wait  times and customer satisfaction reports – you can understand what particular interactions are most successful for your clients and why. Gone are the days of shuffling for reports, instead you can let Agendize have all the answers for both you and your clients.

Whether you’re simply serving your franchise clients on issues like presence management, location management and lead generation, or you have a spate of innovative and granular practices you offer to help them succeed, Agendize enhances your rapport with agencies because it offers you a technology platform to affirm your relationship. No longer do you have to worry about your customers turning off your lights tomorrow: building your agency’s presence into your client’s own platforms with Agendize both secures your accounts far into the future and gives you meaningful involvement in their day-to-day activities,
allowing your efforts to create even more ROI.

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