DevHub offers Agendize’s top-line conversion tools for R7 CMS

DevHub offers Agendize’s top-line conversion tools for R7 CMS

The litany of problems, tasks and strategies faced by businesses developing their online presence require truly scalable, flexible, high-quality solutions to address them. DevHub’s platform enables designers, SMB marketers, franchises, agencies and national brands to provide their consumers with seamless online and mobile experiences that improve conversion rates, generating more revenue and more loyalty for the businesses they serve. In DevHub’s development of private labelled, turnkey and mobile online solutions for a variety of clients, finding the right partners and integrations is always crucial to developing the most powerful presences for its clients.


Focused on Service Businesses


In partnering with Agendize, DevHub is adding Live Chat and Online Scheduling, critical conversion tools businesses need to expand, engaging their customers online to drive sales and improve experiences. “Our current clients are excited to focus their sales channels on service-based businesses like yoga studios, hair salons, plumbing services and dentist offices, giving them next-gen tools to care for and retain customers,” says Ed O’Keefe, CEO of DevHub.  “When you can get a channel to focus on upsells for high-demand digital solutions, it accelerates sales and, just as importantly, boosts rep confidence to have real conversations with their clients. Our Franchise clients are instantly adding these tools to the thousands of local store sites managed centrally within DevHub R7.”


While DevHub’s R7 platform is at the core of many designers’ ability to provide a great online presence to their clients, Agendize’s tools will rebuff the already existing making it seamless for any designer to add them to any desktop or mobile webpage. “Thanks to our powerful APIs, DevHub now has the technology to broaden their offering with top-of-the-market appointment scheduling and live chat solutions. Devhub users can now seamlessly integrate these apps into their responsive websites and landing pages, improving their sales performance and increasing their online conversion rates,” adds Raphael Iscar, Head of marketing & Communications at Agendize.


The Tools at Work


Live Chat and Online Scheduling with a CRM form the basis of Agendize’s offering on DevHub’s platform. Yoga Studios, hair salons, plumbing services and dentist offices are just some of the business categories that use Online Scheduling to automate client appointments, easily booking services, classes and staff online, 24/7, even when their business is closed. Agendize’s IOS/Android app also lets business owners manage all the details of their appointments from their mobile devices.


Live Chat is an increasingly critical tool for businesses that want to offer impeccable, accessible customer service, or improve the way they chaperone customers through a sales process. 67% of website visitors are receptive to proactive chat invitations – a simple chat box that both consumers and business owners can even operate from their mobile phones. This instant customer connection yields better conversion rates – up to 40% versus 22% for reactive chat – and improves sales: visitors who respond to proactive chat invitations are 8 times more likely to make a purchase than regular visitors.


Using Agendize to Engage Businesses with their Customers
“These features strengthen the relationship between a local business and its customers,” says Agendize CEO Alexandre Rambaud. “They provide an edge for both small businesses and franchises who wish to upgrade the quality of service they offer their clients.” As agencies, designers and others add more customer engagement tools through platforms like DevHub’s powerful R7 CMS, they will not only see improved revenue streams through efficient online conversion, but the kind of improved customer relationships that permit a basis for strong future growth – the same kind of growth that both Agendize and DevHub expect from forming their own partnership, and more like them in the future.

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