Deal of the Day Dilemma: So Many Appointments, Oh Dear!

Deal of the Day Dilemma: So Many Appointments, Oh Dear!


Betty set up a deal with a local Groupon-type website to promote her nail salon. The “50% off pretty mani and pedi” coupon is a BIG hit: over 200 purchases and it’s not even noon! Instead of celebrating her success, Betty feels butterflies in her stomach. “How will I manage all these new appointments without a receptionist to answer the phone?” Oh no!

How to beat Deal of the Day anxiety?


Book an Appointment online with Agendize

So you sold many coupons. Now it’s time to impress your new guests with a flexible online scheduling platform that is quick, easy and stress free — for you and your clients. With Agendize Book an Appointment, your customers can reserve, modify and cancel their appointments at any time of day. As an administrator, you can choose which services, employees, breaktimes and openings to offer. This tool is ideal for businesses that have a high volume or appointments and/or no receptionist to pick up the phone. Instead of wasting time and money on the phone, checking voicemails or hiring extra help, allow your customers to book with you 24/7 via your website or Facebook page.

Learn from Betty’s mistakes and plan ahead for your success. Sign up today and receive $5 of free credit.

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