Agendize brings the functionalities that consumers are expecting in order to communicate with businesses



Online Appointment Scheduling

Customize your booking experience by adding your offered services, staff members, availability, and even your own branding. The solution is designed so that it adapts to your business needs while offering customers a quick and efficient way to book an appointment through online channels.


CRM & Marketing

A centralized place to store all of the contact’s information including their history with the business, storing activities such as appointments booked, calls received, and messages sent from all the online channels where the Agendize engagement features are installed.


Queuing Management System

Allow customers, as they enter in a store, to fill in a digital queuing form with their name and phone number. Your customer service representatives can control which customers need to be served and when.


Dynamic Form Builder

A simple form console allows the business to add, remove, and customize fields to your forms in real-time. The business is never stuck having to reinstall form codes without a web developer at hand.


Save & Share

Enable website visitors to save the contact or event information of the business through text message or email. Helps online visitors remember and find crucial information about the company.


Mobile App

Manage all of your activity from your phone with the Agendize app, available on Android and iOS. Agendize allows you to organize your customer management and receive chats from website visitors and automatic reminders. 



61% of consumers want a call from your business during their path to purchase, and click-to-call offers the convenience they seek no matter the goods or service you provide. Personalize the audio messages and save all the conversations with your clients.


Call Tracking

Measure the performance and results of your marketing campaigns by tracking the origin of every call. Understanding what makes the phone ring by monitoring and analyzing the origin of incoming calls as part of your customer acquisition strategy.

Compatible with:

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