CRM Discount Promotion for New Clients (Part V)

CRM Discount Promotion for New Clients (Part V)

A sufficiently digital business is able to better keep track not only of its existing customers, but also of the leads it generates. Most businesses that have a website may only include a short contact page on it, while tools like online scheduling, click-to-call, live chat, customizable webforms and more can help capture the information of digital passers-by and incorporate into their CRM, turning inbound visits into outbound sales and promotions.


Any type of business can incorporate this, but many businesses let their email list members or jotted-down phone numbers go un-converted because the right systems are not in place to make the most out of those leads. Beyond those tools however, noting and consolidating crucial contact information, preferences and expressed interests can be crucial in targeting potential sales through the right discount offers to capitalize, if anything, on the “impulse buy” mentality many consumers will have when presented with a great deal.


Capturing Leads

A good CRM allows you to engage these potential customers by making the most of the information you collect, indexing them, and being able to target them with special offers when the time is right. For instance, let’s say a potential customer calls a hair salon to see if they have stylists for men, and as the manager you may feel at fault that you don’t yet include those services. There’s only so much a business can do at once however, so to keep those customers in mind and capitalize on the interest that is already there, software can help you manage the demands placed on you as you change and grow.


With a CRM, you can record that interaction with a potential customer and have the convenience of keeping that information together, while also being able to tag them depending on what of their information and interests stands out in an easy, promotion-conscious approach. So, when one of your old friends and work associates – who just happens to be a men’s stylist – is looking for work, not only can they join your salon, but you already have potential customers ready for them to get to work on!


Accelerating Growth

Discount promotion makes the math far easier for your future clients. Most people are not proactive about most of their activities, and shopping for needed products or services is something in particular that consumers will tend to put off until the last possible moment. By presenting consumers with timely discounts and promotion, you can give them the opportunity they have been waiting for to buy from your business, and make their decision far easier for them than it would have been had you waited for them to “choose” your business.


What’s more, as you build a reputation for customer service and great prices with the help of your CRM, the software also helps sustain and support that growth. Imagine you took the time and effort to take notes on each client and call them with special offers or products that might interest them – as they have positive feedback and tell their friends, how would you be able to support all the new attention to your business? Obviously a new employee may be in order, but hiring can be a long and arduous process, and in a business that’s growing it may difficult to find employees you can trust who will also stick around long-term. A CRM can mitigate the effects of this inefficiency, and also make it more efficient to keep get new employees up-to-speed when you do hire them!


Necessary for Business

The fact is, in a digitally engaged world where shoppers are constantly looking for a deal, CRMs and the practices like discount promotion that they enable are critical for every kind of business to succeed. However, this affects small businesses in particular, as they now compete with not only big-box chains, but upstart online services and more entrepreneurs promoting their services through social media and more. Getting centered on your customer relationships with a CRM can be the thing that sets you apart when growing your business, and easily allow you to find the new customers who are most willing to buy!

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