Built-in Contacts and Marketing


Integrated customer relationship management for all the business' interactions and engagements.

Revigorate your customer relationship

Conventional solutions such as telephone or back-and-forth email scheduling can be frustrating experiences for the consumer and business. Juggling between calls, emails, a paper or digital calendar is tantamount to the loss of time and productivity. Not to mention the new habits of consumers who now expect businesses to be available for interaction directly online through their website and social networks.
Redesign your booking process, and you will gain productivity by redirecting all these interactions into a single platform. The Contacts within the Agendize platform is a way for the business to manage and analyze all its contact interactions in a more efficient way, which helps optimize current and potential customer experience and overall customer satisfaction. The Agendize Contacts allows for a centralized place to store all of the contact's information including their preferences, history with the business such as saved activities through the Online Appointment Scheduling feature. The data can be utilized to improve customer relationships with a focus on retention and growth.
Agendize Contacts allows you to quickly and efficiently register and access all interactions with the customer. Within a few clicks, you obtain the information you need to personalize communication with the contact.
Engagement activities are analyzed to understand the customer's journey better and help the business personalize its services for the customer and grow revenue. Every interaction with the company through the Agendize features are automatically added to the contact's profile within the Agendize platform. The business can drill down into any given customer's profile including their contact information, preferences, a complete history of communication and appointments, plus internal tags. The tags allow the business to segment their customers and better target through email and SMS marketing to keep happy customers coming back for more!

The benefits

  • Collect and store customer information in a centralized place.
  • Provide personalized service to your customers.
  • Target the best customers with internal tags.
  • Customize email and SMS marketing templates.
  • Collect customer feedback.
  • Synchronise with 3rd party platforms such as Salesforce, MailChimp and more.

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