Create an Online Scheduling Experience by Crafting What Your Customers See

Create an Online Scheduling Experience by Crafting What Your Customers See

With consumers demanding more digital engagement than ever before, Online Scheduling can provide businesses a unique means to craft outstanding experiences for their customers. Features like notifications, reminders, custom message templates and widgets can help drive increased interest in a business’ offerings, while also conditioning greater customer loyalty through improved all-around experience.


While automated notifications and reminders boast particular benefits to a business, like reducing no-shows by as much as 80%, custom messages and widgets also have the generally higher conversion rates that businesses look for to get more out of their online traffic. Over time, defined experiences with helpful features like those in Online Scheduling improve your relationships with customers, enhancing reliable revenue as a result.


Notifications and Reminders to Improve Performance



Through the right customer engagement platform, businesses can activate notifications and reminders for clients, staff and managers in Online Scheduling. These notifications and reminders are delivered through email and/or text message at customizable times of day, and according to the situations you want to notify your customers about. This could be changes in appointment status, cancellation a demand to reschedule and more, while reminders can be delivered in the days and hours leading up to an appointment so your clients never forget to show.


These reminders in particular give your customers peace-of-mind, assuring them that they’ll be reminded of their appointments via a foolproof, automated system that also improves their feeling of security and reliability with their business of choice. Staff and managers can also receive these reminders, or simply summaries of their schedule at the beginning of each day, making them more secure in their work and assuring that they are never underprepared in offering the services they need to provide!


Custom Message Templates Increase Returns



At heart, notifications and reminders are simple lines of text that convey quick, functional messages to customers. However, since customers have really come to expect experiences out of their goods and services – not simply in-and-out offerings – then shouldn’t you be able to customize your branding and make your voice distinct every time you communicate with them? To let your voice shine through, automated notifications and reminders also permit you to add customized templates, designs, text and signatures, ensuring every one of these messages comes off as personal and professional as possible.


Using dynamic text fields, you can also personalize your messages with every piece of information you have on your customers. The ability to attach documents also allows you to offer them the ability to get clerical work out of the way before their appointment, so services like doctors and physiotherapists don’t need to bog down their waiting rooms with paperwork and more frustration. What’s more, customizable colors, images and CSS code permit you to give your clients the full comfort and familiarity of your business’ personality, all while getting the net positive effect of reducing no-shows and improving peace-of-mind!


A Custom Widget to Please the Eyes



The image of a business is an extension of its values, and those are what drive both customer relationships and branding success in the long term. That’s why customization and peace-of-mind shouldn’t stop at notifications and reminders. In Online Scheduling, businesses are able to customize the text, color, design and even CSS code that drives the scheduling widget their customers see. This forms a simple but profound foundation of technical capabilities that allows businesses of any size to create a complete booking experience for their clients!


What’s more, through widget customization, businesses can also adjust critical details, like whether to include buffer times between appointments, permissions to book confirmation pages and more. These features make a client’s scheduling experience even more personal, offering them easy guidance to make the best selection for their appointments, while the beauty and seamless integration of a scheduling widgets only adds the value you need to create a satisfying overall experience.


Taking an End-to-End Approach with your Customers

Customers are too engaged today for you to sit on the sidelines. Saturated with images and messages from the latest hot startup or leading reinvigorated competitor, consumers want businesses to offer them ways to reach out, funneling them through unique experiences that delight and inspire. Without the right tool to do this, enterprises will fall behind. Without the motivation to improve and promote their reputation to each individual customer, by the time they realize the need for engagement to survive, it may already be too late!

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