Conversion Optimization is Not Rocket Science: Top 3 Tips

Conversion Optimization is Not Rocket Science: Top 3 Tips

Increasing conversions isn’t always easy, but it’s not rocket science either. There are many ways to increase your conversion rate without spending too much time or money. You’d be surprised how far small improvements to your website and marketing strategy will take you. Reserve some time this week to…

1. Ask yourself many questions

One of the best ways to increase conversions is to brainstorm common customer/new visitor questions with your sales and support teams. This exercise will educate your company to better address your customers’ needs. Work these questions and answers into relevant areas on your website. Link your helpful content to relevant blog posts, online brochures, marketing reports—anything that can help guide your leads to better understand your product/services and their value. Always offer your customers an easy and immediate way to get in contact with you via Click-to-Call and Live Chat in case they have any more questions.

2. Write like a 12-year-old

Time is money. Money is time. The big problem today is that no one feels as though they have enough time. Visitors online are easily distracted and don’t have the minutes (or even seconds) to read long and complicated content. Cut the Shakespeare and write like a 12-year-old—short, simple, clear and always to the point. The longer you keep your visitors browsing, the longer they have to convert. Offer them ways to stay tuned with your company. Videos, slideshows, case studies, testimonials are all great ways to keep them focusing on your brand.

3. Add calls-to-action everywhere

Don’t only offer your visitors reading material. Get them to take part in your company by following a fun call-to-action. Invite your leads to create an account, share your blog post, tweet your webinar, book an appointment and more. The more calls-to-action on your site, the more opportunities you createfor conversion. Be tasteful each time you reach out. A site bombarded with “click me” buttons and promo ads can scare away a valuable shopper. A good way to network and gather unbiased feedback about your site is to suggest a “feedback exchange” with other companies/professionals working online.

Have you discovered good advice that has helped increase your conversion rates ? Pay it forward and share your tips below.

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