Contractors can build their business with Online Scheduling

Contractors can build their business with Online Scheduling

Contractors are diligent tradesmen focused on fulfilling their client’s vision through their unique skills. Every contractor seeks to get the most out of one-on-one relationships that strengthen their reputation and their referrals to new business. This personal nature of the work is a natural extension of the fact that most construction contractors work in small, tight-knit firms. 89% of carpenters work in firms with less than 10 employees, and the same applies for Flooring Installers (88%), Painters (87%), Masons (81%), Electricians (78%), Plumbers (77%) and more.


In this competitive landscape, marketing mixed with effective lead generation is key to survival and growth. With that in mind, as of August 2014, 86.8% of construction firms intended to increase their marketing efforts and budgets. 71% of this was focused on improving email marketing, and while others focused on website development, SEO and more, all these initiatives need a fundamentally new means to convert leads.


Online Scheduling can accomplish this goal by providing businesses a unique means to start engaging their customers. When customers go onto a website or Facebook page, or even find a direct scheduling link online or a scheduling QR code on promotional materials, their ability to book appointments increases their likelihood to purchase with a contractor, while also decreasing their likelihood to look elsewhere. These links and pages all bring them to a central scheduling widget which allows them to pick times and dates, services, staff, and leave their contact information to receive confirmations, notifications and reminders. On top of its general efficiency and time-management benefits, Online Scheduling can play a central role in reaching out to more clients, converting more leads, and creating a digital ecosystem that sustains client relationships in the years to come. Check out this demo website to see how engagements can help any contracting business!


Appointment Scheduling saves time and generates more clients


Construction contractors aren’t averse to working 10, 12 or even 14 hour days to get the job done for their clients. They’re often independent-minded, focused on working with their hands, and clever enough to renovate and design systems that will last a lifetime. Contractors often aren’t interested in many of the distractions that come with running a business, and prefer to focus on their craft instead, and with the right digital tools to manage both how they engage customers and conduct their workday, they can get the additional clients and free time they need to focus on the work they love.


Online Scheduling can help carpenters, plumbers, electricians, general contractors and more make the most out of their marketing efforts, while also making themselves available to clients 24/7 without having to pick up the phone. With the additional schedule synchronizations, time-syncing, mobile management and more that come through Online Scheduling, contractors can save the time they need – whether to focus on more work or be with their families – while also building the foundation for digital remarketing efforts that can sustain their reputation for a lifetime.


Let your clients book you in a way they’ll love


The first obstacle to any contractor’s client is access. Often busy throughout the work day, they may not always be able to pick up the phone and plan appointments, while paying someone to answer only a handful of calls can entail unnecessary costs. With online scheduling, clients can finally get appointments (and accurate ones at that) from the contractors they’ve come to know and love.



  • Clients can book services online, 24/7


Online Scheduling enables 24/7 bookings through a website, Facebook page, QR code, scheduling minipage and more. With its real-time availabilities, updated according to changes in synced schedules, constraints in bookings and new appointments, you can be sure that your clients are getting a quality booking, appointment or consultation every time.



  • Eliminate double-bookings and enhance scheduling flexibility


Scheduling synchronizations with existing online calendars like iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook and Windows Live can also permit contractors and their staff to exclude personal commitments from the possible hours that they can be scheduled. In professions where most tradespeople are used to working ‘round the clock, this can be a crucial relief that not only enhances scheduling flexibility, but also increases reactivity to clients and eliminates double-bookings for good.



  • Time-savings of up to 75%


In total, time savings of up to 75% can be reached on hours that were once devoted to calling clients, comparing schedules, managing changes and more, while Online Scheduling’s dashboard and multiple calendars give you a perfect view of each and every day before it starts. With a digital system like Online Scheduling, you can achieve the high performance you’ve been looking for, and at a lower cost than ever before.


Reaching out to clients seems simple, but there’s a whole series of integrations which allow Online Scheduling to drive new leads, build more customer loyalty, and integrate with your existing ecosystem to add tremendous value. Online Scheduling is designed to fundamentally eliminate the pain-points that once got in the way of your work – and your client’s satisfaction!


All the features you need to run your business with ease!


Online Scheduling enables contractors to add fundamentally new practices to their business, or integrate with the marketing techniques they already rely on to drive their growth, all while enhancing their ability to automate those tasks so they can think about their trade – not their business.



  • Online Scheduling at the heart of marketing campaigns


Online Scheduling is a distinctive and effective way of converting leads through marketing campaigns. Whether you use online advertising, Facebook ads, email campaigns or more, the incorporation of simple scheduling links and pages can go a long way to giving new clients access. Instead of facing the hassle that comes with calling a construction or repair service, customers can seamlessly book you online and leave you the details you need with ease!



  • Native Facebook Apps for both convenience and growth!


An integrated Facebook App means you can feature your scheduling capabilities at the very top of your business’ Facebook page, all with custom logos and design to ensure brand consistency. If you’re not ready for a full scheduling solution, a native Facebook app is also available that allows you to get appointment requests free-of-charge, all with automated setup based on opening hours, company name and more that you’ve already included on your Facebook business page. Finally, busy contractors have a Facebook scheduler that lets them breathe easy!



  • Native CRM and 3rd party integrations


Automatically generated customer profiles, organized according to names, phone numbers, emails and more, record every client interaction with ease. You can also store additional information in these profiles, making it easy to assure continuity within your business and stay on top of your client’s specific needs. If you’re already using a CRM like Salesforce or Zoho, Online Scheduling offers 3rd-party integrations that allow you to add even more value to these great platforms!



  • Email marketing to enhance customer loyalty


Renovations and repair are a never-ending process, and clients always want to hear the latest offers before they consider embarking on the projects they want to see done. Online Scheduling enables personalized email remarketing that lets you reach your loyal customers and make repeat sales, enhancing your contracting business’ recurring revenue and giving you a stable, prosperous future.



  • Applying Analytics to better understand performance


It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations of your business and not have time for the bigger picture. With Online Scheduling, you can register information about every one of your appointments, and customizable reports with revenue figures allow you to evaluate your business’ performance and see what’s the right move for you!



  • Mobile Apps to manage your schedule and your staff


Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, general contractors and their peers all value independence and flexibility in their work. Often on-the-go or managing busy job sites, they don’t have the time to sit at a desk and manage every detail of their employees’ schedules, or respond to the changes in bookings that can happen through a given day. In order to manage the schedule of their entire business with ease, construction contractors can use Online Scheduling that includes a mobile app allowing them to address problems, contact clients, and manage appointments with ease, giving more of the flexibility they’re always looking for!

Contractors live in a world of precision. “Measure twice, cut once” is not a mantra to be laughed at, so why take the precision out of your schedule by using a paper agenda, cellphone, or introductory online calendar? Online Scheduling can provide a boost to your business, giving you access to new clients 24/7, wherever you may actually be, while also saving you time and giving you the peace-of-mind that comes with a well sorted, mistake-free schedule.

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