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Agendize, its employees and its business partners are required to comply with the following requirements :


Comply with all applicable national, federal, regional and local laws and regulations in the countries in which they operate.


Do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, ethnic origin, nationality, sexual orientation and / or political opinions.Ne faire aucune discrimination fondée sur la race, le genre, la religion, l’origine ethnique, la nationalité, l’orientation sexuelle et/ou les opinions politiques.


Employees recruited and retained by Agendize and its business partners must be suitable for the function concerned. Agendize and its business partners must commit to applying the principles of the ILO (International Labor Organization) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Hours of work and compensation must be fair and equitable and must comply with applicable laws. In addition, Agendize and its business partners must provide the social benefits required by law.


Recognize the human rights of all peoples as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. They are responsible for preventing any violation of human rights and, where applicable, remedying any impact on human rights resulting from activities carried out for us or from products developed for us.

Agendize and its business partners must under no circumstances employ persons who have not reached the minimum age required as defined by local law. In the absence of local law, Agendize and its business partners cannot under any circumstances employ persons under the age of 15 or, in developing countries benefiting from an exception under ILO Convention 138, can under no circumstances employ people under the age of 14.


Never resort to slavery or forced labor, under duress or servitude.


Grant employees the right to associate, organize and negotiate collectively and freely in accordance with the legal framework of the country concerned.


Do not accept sums of money or gifts from directors, officers, employees or third parties of Agendize nor offer them in exchange for commercial opportunities.Ne pas accepter de sommes d’argent ou de cadeaux des administrateurs, dirigeants, collaborateurs ou tiers d’Agendize ni leur en offrir en échange d’opportunités commerciales.


Comply with all applicable antitrust and competition laws that prohibit agreements or activities that may unjustifiably restrict trade, take the form of deceptive or deceptive practices, or unjustifiably impede competition without bringing beneficial effects to consumers.

The agreement on the fixing of prices, the rigging of offers (calls for tenders tinged with collusion) and the sharing of markets or customers are strictly prohibited.


Do not violate basic human rights, namely the rights to life, liberty and security. Any brutal or inhuman treatment, in particular in the form of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, corporal punishment, physical or mental coercion or verbal violence, towards workers cannot be allowed.


Implement an effective environmental policy and conduct their activities in such a way as to protect the environment.

Agendize and its business partners must obtain and, where applicable, renew all required environmental approvals and are required to comply with all environmental rules, regulations and laws in force in the countries in which they operate.


Provide a safe working environment and conduct oneself in accordance with all applicable safety directives, including government requirements, rules specific to operations and facilities, and contractual obligations.

Identify and remedy the impacts of their activities and the use of their products and services in terms of public health.


In accordance with the anti-corruption laws in force in the countries in which Agendize and its business partners operate, suppliers and business partners are not permitted to give or offer “anything of value” to a foreign official or to an employee of a public company, including gifts or hospitality.

This notion of value can in particular refer to bribes, commissions, gifts, invitations as well as donations made to a charitable organization supported by a foreign official.


Apply an anti-reprisal policy allowing employees to contact Agendize staff without fear of reprisals from the supplier's management.


Maintain the confidentiality of all agreements and information relating to Agendize customers, including regarding preferential pricing and marketing practices and features of Agendize branded products.

Respect the privacy of our customers and do not communicate information belonging to our customers allowing a personal identification.


Never seek to distort or avoid, in an illegal or abusive manner, the payment of import duties, taxes and other costs and never take part in activities intended to escape the legal provisions applicable to international traffic and commerce.

Business partners should know the individuals with whom they are dealing and should not engage in or promote activities with entities or individuals prohibited by law. In addition, they are required to be aware of and comply with restrictions on doing business with entities and individuals located in countries subject to trade embargoes or economic sanctions imposed by the United States and others. countries in which we operate.


Agendize's commitment to business partners. The relationship between Agendize and its business partners must be based on honesty and fairness. Agendize and its business partners are guided by the following principles of conduct :

  • Agendize will not pay employees of business partners money to obtain preferential rates or take advantage of business opportunities.

  • Agendize will not communicate any confidential information about a business partner, including pricing or technology, without prior written permission.

  • Agendize will not make any false or misleading statements to third parties regarding business partners, their products or services.

  • Agendize will ensure that its business partners comply with the same requirements as those applied to its own employees and activities and will have the same expectations of them.


If employees or business partners become aware of an unethical or unethical situation involving or relating to the sale of Agendize products or services, they must notify Agendize immediately at and communicate all information in their possession regarding the incident or situation. Information provided to Agendize by business partners must be accurate to the best of their knowledge, and Agendize relies on their assistance with any investigation by Agendize in connection with a situation or incident that they have reported to Agendize. Communicating false information to Agendize will result in the termination of any business relationship between Agendize and its business partners and the termination of all contracts established within the framework of this relationship.


Agendize expects its business partners to respect intellectual property rights, particularly those of Agendize. Appropriate measures must be implemented to prevent any unauthorized communication or use of the confidential Agendize information made available to them.


Agendize's business partners protect the personal data of Agendize employees and use this data for legitimate and authorized business purposes. They must clearly indicate when and how they collect, use or disclose personal data. They implement appropriate security measures to protect data. Business partners with questions about personal data should immediately notify Agendize at 


In the event of a breach by the business partner of the Code of Conduct and Social Responsibility, Agendize reserves the right to terminate the contract as of right, without prejudice to the damages that it would be entitled to claim from the business partner.