How one clinic changed with Online Scheduling for Doctors

How one clinic changed with Online Scheduling for Doctors

Any doctor’s office can be hectic, but when one has five doctors and hundreds of patients, its easy to imagine that scheduling and patient management can get out of hand. “We have 5 doctors on our staff, and used to have a paper agenda for each one. Our clerical staff found that managing appointments, making sure they were on parallel pages and avoiding double-bookings used to sap the strength and energy from their day,” says Dr. Horea Barsan, a surgeon specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Val d’Ouest Clinic, secluded in the greenery of Lyon, near the French border with Switzerland. “When we went looking for a scheduling solution, we were surprised how easily we found one, and at how effective it really is!”


After his search, Dr. Barsan ultimately chose Agendize to reorganize his office in March of 2015. Chief among the benefits for his clinic is its Appointment Booking capabilities. “After 4 months of use, we’ve cut down on double-bookings dramatically.” Not only saving on the embarrassment and wasted time that comes from double-bookings, Dr. Barsan’s office has drastically reduced no-shows with automated SMS and email reminders. “With 200 patients and 555 appointments since we’ve launched our dashboard, we’ve only had 8 no-shows. Our patients love the reminders, because it assures that they get the care they need when they need it most.”


One of the best Apps for Doctors

Image of Dr. Horea BarsanAccording to Dr. Barsan, there are plenty of specific advantages to using Appointment Booking, but where it really shines is in the time and energy it saves his staff. “We don’t waste time synchronizing our calendars, and we don’t feel the need to use any other electronic calendars. With the platform’s search bar, each and every client is available with a single click, so rescheduling is easier than ever.”


All this comes from Dr. Barsan’s unique use of the software. Patients are free to book their appointments from the doctor’s website, but with the platform always at his secretary’s disposal, appointments that are called in can be including in only a few clicks. In this way, scheduling is flexible from both sides and every person involved gets to communicate the way they prefer. “The personal aspect of our profession can’t be underestimated, so Agendize’s simplicity and flexibility really helps us get the most out of the software for each patient.”

Key Benefits for Dr. Barsan and others in Healthcare

– SMS and email reminders limit no-shows. Customers also feel comforted and appreciate the certainty of the reminders.

– Search bar means finding client profiles and rescheduling is easier than ever, while managing clients and communicating critical information is also no longer as difficult.

– Unified schedule not only eliminates double-bookings, but also ensures everyone is organized, motivated and on the same page.

– With features like color-coding included as well, staff can understand and prepare for their day at a glance, so rarely is the wrong file prepared and time wasted as a result.


With Agendize, Dr. Barsan is able to focus on what matters most: the well-being of his patients. “There’s no more clerical confusion with Agendize, cutting away distractions that could get in the way of our staff’s work – that’s just part of the advantage that comes with having all of our appointments ‘under one roof’. We take pride in the ability to serve our patients with the utmost attention, and they feel comforted by our use of the latest technology to better serve them.”


He also realizes the benefit that comes from incorporating cutting-edge tools in his work, “We have a new generation of doctors coming through our office, and all of them demand we incorporate technology to improve our organization and communication. It’s easy to see that as the younger generation comes in, both as employees and clients, our investment in this software will continue to show a better and better return.”

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