Click-to-Call Essentials for Beginners

Click-to-Call Essentials for Beginners

Just as Click-to-Call is an easy tool for consumers to use, it’s also simple for any-sized business to implement. Once an easy Click-to-Call button is created and customized, businesses can integrate that button across their web presence and physical marketing, whether through a website or QR code, while also capitalizing on increasing traffic through their Facebook Page by integrating Click-to-Call through Facebook Apps and more. With Click-to-Call in hand, and its easy integrations in tow, no customer needs to be stopped from reaching out to their favorite businesses ever again.


Creating a Click-to-Call Button



Creating and customizing a Click-to-Call button is simple, and once tied to an appropriate business and phone number, businesses can start implementing their Click-to-Call throughout their web presence and physical marketing right away. This is the crucial first step that allows you to found a new relationship with your customers, while also adding limitations that prevent abuse and give your clients more information about the status of their calls.


Integrating Click-to-Call with a Website or QR Code



Integrating Click-to-Call into a website is as simple as copying a button’s associated HTML code and incorporating it into a website, while the same simple copy-and-paste scheme applies to incorporating a Click-to-Call QR code into physical marketing. This gives your clients unified access to your business, both offline and off, and customers are often pleasantly surprised by all the simple ways they can suddenly reach out and receive and easy, free call back to address the issues they want to discuss.


Integrating Click-to-Call with Your Facebook Page



As Facebook is increasingly a source of traffic for businesses that consumers continue to demand more from, integrating Click-to-Call into a Facebook page is necessary to getting the most out of a cutting-edge web presence. Fortunately, Click-to-Call integration through Facebook Apps is as easy as a couple clicks, and modifications and customizations allow you to feature it prominently so customers are always secure in their ability to reach out to you in an instant, while also assuring that one of your critical engagement tools isn’t stuck on your website alone!


Reaching Your Customers at Every Digital Touchpoint


Click-to-Call interactions are fundamentally understood as a good thing for both businesses and consumers, however with proper integration through a business’ digital and physical presence, Click-to-Call offers a crucial means for your customers to reach you from every digital touchpoint, all while you manage the calls simply and easily from one place.


Sophisticated Click-to-Call further enables analytics that allow you to better understand where your calls are coming from, as well as call histories and transcripts, so you not only better relate to your customers, but also develop an understanding of your relationships with them that also strengthens your business in the long run!

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