Click-to-Call mean easy conversations
with your customers

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Instant Access Was Never
So Easy

70% of mobile searchers are using Click-to-Call, so why not give every consumer an easy, free way to connect with you? They simply punch in their number and you get connected!

Review Your Call History
with Ease

Agendize Click-to-Call store every call in an intuitive dashboard that allows you to analyze and understand your responsiveness to customers.

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Access Recordings to Assess
Service Quality

Want your customers to get the best possible response from your staff? Guarantee the quality of your customer interactions by monitoring how your employees communicate with them!

Generate and Deliver Leads

Click-to-Call allow you to increase conversion across your website, while the phone numbers they save give you a powerful touchpoint to connect with more leads.

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What They’re Already Saying

Get Maximum Configurability

Agendize lets you place Click-to-Call across your websites,
Facebook pages and more, and API configuration further empowers
you to incorporate them any way you see fit!