Choose the Best Booking Interface for Salesforce

Choose the Best Booking Interface for Salesforce

A variety of booking and scheduling solutions exist for Salesforce, however many of them don’t offer the sophisticated APIs, parsing and data consistency that Agendize offers when integrating – crucial features that add value for enterprise users. Agendize’s powerful Salesforce Scheduling software allows businesses to generate new leads through 24/7 appointment booking, tracking every new booking directly from your Salesforce CRM.


Of course, client information and interactions are also automatically updated along the way, and you can even do things like:

  • Search for a Salesforce Client from within Agendize, allowing you to proactively book an appointment with them.
  • Test your Agendize integration in Salesforce’s sandbox, meaning you can every every detail down pat before you go live.
  • Choose whether new clients within Agendize are creating as “contacts” or “leads” within Salesforce.
  • Customize the parsing of your Agendize fields into Salesforce fields, so you always have the consistent client information you want.


All these features make it easy to access the amazing features Agendize Online Scheduling has to offer, including:

  • 24/7, fully mobile-responsive bookings with real-time availabilities for up to 40% more leads and sales.
  • Online Payments, so you can collect on appointments before they even happen!
  • Automated reminders and notifications that reduce no-shows by as much as 80%.
  • 75% time-savings on managing appointments through calendar synchronizations and more!


Check the video and slides below for more on how versatile Agendize Salesforce Scheduling really is!


The Multiple Options Salesforce Provides


Booking interface using Salesforce information.001

Booking interface using Salesforce information.002

Booking interface using Salesforce information.003

Booking interface using Salesforce information.004

Booking interface using Salesforce information.005

Booking interface using Salesforce information.006

Booking interface using Salesforce information.007

Booking interface using Salesforce information.008

Booking interface using Salesforce information.009

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