Brooklyn-Based Designer Offers Flair with Agendize Appointment Booking

Brooklyn-Based Designer Offers Flair with Agendize Appointment Booking

Some businesses can be red-hot and still stay cool. Brooklyn-based dress design firm Shades of Shea definitely fulfills that definition, with over 20,000 followers on Instagram and a burgeoning array of styles and customizations that seems to rock every fashion season out there, whether it’s weddings, proms, major awards shows and more.

Shea Diaz, owner-operator of Shades of Shea, didn’t necessarily have the easiest of starts before finding her stride. “After leaving a top fashion brand I felt like I needed a change,” she says, “So over 4 years ago I started Shades of Shea because I knew I loved to make women feel good about themselves, a feeling that had follow me throughout my career.”


Focused on the Customer’s Experience

“This business is centered around helping women feel fantastic about themselves, both inside and out,” adds Shea. Of course, the quality of her work is outstanding, but it also has to be met with service quality in order to assure the most satisfying customer experience possible. That’s why Shea deploys Agendize Appointment Booking for all her client consultations, offering an easy booking process with added features that keep things organized while allowing her to focus on her work

“Agendize Appointment Booking has definitely helped prevent overbooking and ensure clients don’t have to wait on one another, and overall adds a great feeling of privacy and personalization to the entire experience!” Says Shea, “We used to use an appointment book, but after doing some research on scheduling platforms, we found Agendize to best suit our business needs.”


Captivating New Clients With Ease

Not only does Agendize Appointment Booking make Shea’s consultations easy and convenient, but it also gives her an opportunity to convert new customers through online platforms like Instagram. “We actually publicize Agendize’s Appointment Booking widget on our Instagram so our clients can self-book and we can monitor their activity.”

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While it offers a convenient way to book new clients on platforms where businesses are already getting great attention like Facebook and Instagram (Shea certainly gets that, with between 200 and 400 likes and comment for each post she shares), it also makes the whole journey customers experience easier. “Having an online platform for bookings makes everything seamless prior to our actual client interactions. Our calendar is also fully available to potential clients, even when our showroom is closed – We don’t have to micromanage anything, just plug in our settings and it works amazing!”


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Growing The Mission

As with any small-but-growing business, Shea is dedicated to serving newer and bigger-name customers while remaining true to her business’ roots. “My client base has increasingly grown from just girls in my neighborhood via word of mouth to celebrities and stylists pulling me in for major events. I feel like my location put my business a step ahead, and I will always represent Brooklyn and the people here have always supported me, even as I’m reaching a larger audience.”

Of course, while Shea empowers her business to grow, Agendize is there with her every step of the way. “I am so happy we chose Agendize as a platform, and over our first 6 months we saw growth in client connectivity and were really able to have more successful private consultations. It really does work as a great client capture tool for us while also reducing no-shows and preventing double-booking or overbooking on our part, letting us focus on personalized service and crafting the looks our clients wants us to create!”

To learn more about Agendize, visit or sign up for a free 14-day trial to learn more about what Appointment Booking and other apps can do for your business!

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