“Book now” for Business Pages with a Facebook Call-to-Action

“Book now” for Business Pages with a Facebook Call-to-Action

Calls-to-Action are the core of our business, and something Agendize has specialized in since our founding in 2003. Since then, we’ve strengthened out services with apps like the Online Scheduling, Click-to-Call and more to help businesses connect with their consumers wherever they are. Last December, Facebook gave us its own vote of confidence by adding call-to-action buttons to their pages, proving that customer engagement applications are a viable way to bring conversions to business through social media.


New call-to-action (CTA) buttons on Facebook Pages

These additional CTA buttons weren’t completely new to Facebook, as they launched them early in 2014 for ads and posts. What’s interesting is that now businesses can add one of the following CTA buttons at the bottom right of their timeline and make it visible for any people visiting their Facebook page:

– Book Now

– Contact Us

– Use App

– Play Game

– Shop Now

– Sign Up

– Watch Video

A three-week test was run on Dollar Shave Club’s Facebook page to analyze the potential impact of such engagement tools. Brian Kim, Director of Acquisitions for Dollar Shave Club, stated that “the ‘Sign Up’ Call-to-Action button delivered a 2.5x higher conversion rate versus other comparable social placements…”. It seems that customer engagement apps have finally found their place on social media, and their inclusion on Facebook is just the beginning!


What benefits for businesses using customer engagement apps on Facebook?

Customer engagement apps help businesses connect with their prospects online, from their website to their Facebook page. In our experience, applications like the Online Scheduling button, or “Book now” as Facebook calls it, allow businesses to:

– Grow sales as consumers get the opportunity to finalize and take actions directly from a Facebook post, ad or page.

– Drive more traffic to the business website.

– Get audience to take direct actions such as booking an appointment.

– Collect customer data and unify it under an integrated CRM.

– Drive more calls to the business with Click-to-Call buttons.


New Facebook Call-to-Action buttons drive business objectives!

In October 2014, AdRoll, a retargeting platform, conducted an analysis of the 7 Facebook call to action buttons. The main results showed that businesses integrating CTA buttons to their Facebook page have 2.85x better click-through rates than those who don’t. “Shop now” is the most integrated CTA button with 74% of businesses implementing it to their Facebook page including apparel, consumer electronics, Home, crafts & hobbies companies. If we focus on the CTA buttons Agendize specializes in, here are the results:


– “Book now”, similar to Agendize Online Scheduling solution: 8% of companies chose to implement it on their Facebook page including travel and real estate.

– “Sign up”, the equivalent of agendize form builder tool: 4% of companies decided to integrate it and especially companies from the Tech and Media & Entertainment field.


As Facebook mentions in its press release, new CTAs are “designed to bring a business’s most important objective to the forefront of its Facebook presence”. These new buttons are linked to “any destination on or off Facebook that aligns with a business’s goals”.

Here is the full AdRoll infographic on the analysis they conducted over October 2014 on Facebook CTAs adoption and impact.


Go beyond built-in Facebook CTA buttons: implement specialized conversion apps!

In addition to Facebook’s new Calls-to-Action, Agendize’s Online Scheduling and Click-to-Call apps are available for Facebook pages and go beyond simple call-to-action buttons. Though, on top of giving users the opportunity to add a click to call or an appointment scheduling button on their Facebook page, users can also automatically nurture customer database with an integrated CRM. Regarding the Agendize online scheduling, businesses get more options to automate their appointment management through features like reminders, notifications, and real-time calendar syncs with iCal or Google. It’s more than a simple one-trick booking system, its a platform that keeps every member of your business organized!


Agendize Facebook Scheduling app on a Barbershop Facebook Page

Agendize Facebook Scheduling app on a Barbershop Facebook Page


CTA integration like Facebook’s is something SMBs should consider if they want to turn their online visitors into active customers, but professional and customizable customer engagement apps can bring even more value to businesses, helping them track, analyze and adapt to their customers behaviour. With other features like calendar syncing and automated notifications, doesn’t it make sense to invest in software that runs your business, so that you can do what you love?



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