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Agendize uses redundant architecture and a backup centre which can take over from the main site if it no longer responds.

Our databases are configured for redundancy or mirroring to allow a quick switch. Our data is synchronised in real time so our service runs continuously (e.g. updates, corrective maintenance).

The hosting provider provides a capability to monitor network accesses to the software product. Finally, we perform a daily backup of our database servers, with 7-day storage on third-party servers in a separate geographic location.


  • Monitoring is in place to notify the operations teams at the hosting site and at Agendize, in order to trigger alerts in the event of an incident and to plan the necessary corrective actions.
  • We maintain a status page for our services, to keep our customers informed about the status and give them access to the problem backlog: https://status.agendize.com
  • The Agendize Support team can be contacted by email or telephone; all requests are handled by at least one person from the Customer Success team, and can be escalated to our development team in the event that a fix is to be implemented in the product itself. The resolution time of each request is measured, and alerts are automatically issued if a response is not provided within the agreed time. The resolution of each query is accompanied by a request for client confirmation that the problem was given due consideration, and a satisfaction survey on the quality of the response and support provided.


As in any business, we need to be prepared for the unexpected. At Agendize we have implemented an Activity Recovery Plan (ARP), to minimise the risks associated with unexpected events. Our priority is to prevent data loss by backing up all our data so that we can recover it quickly if necessary.

In the event of a major problem, a workflow of actions to be carried out at every level has been set up so that each employee knows how to act and who to contact.